Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend Excitement

So this weekend was the CUBS convention. My dh had bought 4 tickets with the assumption that the other couple who was interested was going to follow through and buy the tickets but in the end they bailed. They gave us plenty of notice and my dh instead of offering the tickets to another couple, invited one of his single friends. Okay no biggie, we will just sell the other two tickets and it can be a guy thing. No such luck. There were lots of passes for sale all over the Internet and everyone else that we know either had plans, doesn't like the Cubs, or wanted the money for football tickets. So, I ended up going for Saturday and the part of Sunday that we stayed for. The guys went down on Friday and didn't get into much by the time they got there. It turned into a nice weekend. Although I have to say that the mood was dampened by...

Saints Fans...oh my gosh. Maybe it is the difference between football and baseball but we have travelled to other cities to attend Cubs games and have never seen Cubs fans act that like. Even the drunk 21 year olds know to respect the other city and their fans. I have to say that there were lots of Saints fans in town. They overtook Harry Carey's on Saturday night which was unfortunate since on a normal Saturday we would have been willing to wait 1.5 hours to sit but not when there are obnoxious fans everywhere. The women were just as boisterous as the men and sometimes worse.

Believe, I appreciate the effort to follow the home team on the road. But, well, I'm just going to attribute it to the difference between baseball and football...however, there are a lot of Cubs fans that are also Bears fans and they still weren't as obnoxious in their own hometown as these folks. If I never hear the phrase "Who Der" again...I will be happy. Blah...and btw, I am not a football fan. I don't get why someone wants to watch a bunch of people run each other over. sports I get. Rugby and football--nope.

I did end up home to watch the 4th quarter of the game. I was surprised that they dumped the jug on Lovie before the 2 minute warning. I was also surprised on how the focus became celebration before the clock was over. Again, while I am not a football fan, I do understand that things can change on a dime...look at how the Saints came back from 16 to 0 already. 25 points was a big spread but not impossible to surmount with over 4 minutes left on the clock. I have to say that an 88 yard touchdown was an awesome achievement and it is too bad that effort will be overshadowed by the lack of accomplishment in the rest of the game. So, I am down. yay, the bears are in the Superbowl. I doubt we will be attending any party. Im sure that Superbowl Sunday will either be spent at the movies or home with some netflix picks. sure, we will check the score every once in awhile and watch some commericals but focus on the game? Doubtful.


I better get to work!

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