Thursday, August 30, 2007

Catering to Nobody

I recently finished Catering to Nobody by Diane Mott Davidson. It is a mystery book about a caterer that turns amateur detective to save her business. It is a quick reading book and I already picked up the second in the series at the library. I found the copy of the first one at the paperback exchange at our local library. If you like amusing mysteries it might be worth checking out!

Monday, August 27, 2007


I feel like crud. Taking a much needed mental break hasn't been helping. I have been exhausted, gassy, foggy in the head, and my breathing is screwy. At first I thought it was just that I fell asleep on the couch Friday night but it has been hanging around for several days. Ugh..

Needless to say, I haven't strung too many good days together lately. But I did get some reading done!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A symbol is sometimes just as strong as words

In a blog circle that I frequent, there is a symbol that they use to indicate that they were there, thinking of the writer, and that the words have been said or there are none at the moment. It is a very thoughtful gesture and it is better than noting an ip address on a site meter. Besides, when someone is struggling, they most likely are not checking their stats for new addresses.

The symbol that this blog circle uses is called a blog stone. It is simply (o). The creator of symbol was inspired by the tradition of leaving a stone at a grave site to let others know that they were there.

I wonder if there would be a symbol that would be appropriate for Infertility? Something that would say, I am here, I am sending you strength, and the words have been said or are fleeting.

Just a thought.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Renewed Effort

I have been allowing stress and other things to take over. In order to salvage this year or to at least break even, I need to lose at least 3lbs. Doesn't seem like much does it? Yet for some odd reason it has been extremely elusive the past several months. Ideally I would like to lose 17lbs to get back to my most recent low weight of a year ago. Oh my... blech. Anyhow, right now the goal is just to string 14 good days together. It seems doable. 14 days... but what defines good?

Well, right now, good would be a day that includes at least 15 minutes of exercise, doesn't include a hamburger or fried food of any variety, and of which I feel good about at the end of the day. 14 days, doesn't seem to hard... yet, it has seemed impossible this year.

I posted a new ticker in the upper corner.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Why is it...

Why is it that every time we think we just might be successful in this TTC thing for various reasons... that my cycle starts about a week early? I know that I have hormone issues. I know that we need to get further testing. But why is it that we actually make a good effort and all hopes end early?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

trying to fit it all in...

I am not succeeding at trying to fit it all in. I need to take a day off this week and have a normal workload that would not be overwhelming if I didnt need that day that I want off to fulfill my deadlines. The day off is important but at the same time... if I don't work, I don't get paid. Blah... I guess I won't be getting much sleep this week.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Google Searches

Are you here looking for the fan site for some show/movie (can't tell from the site) called allthingd.e.b.s. here is the link

For those of you looking for info on the almond tin... it is great. The almonds were good and the tin is cute and handy. I don't know that I would pay the shipping fee on it but it is handy. Here is the link

I know there are a few more and fortunately (or is that unfortunately?) I don't get some of the wacko search strings that many bloggers do.

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gross yet it just proves...

no neighborhood is safe from people looking for identity theft information. Yesterday, I put out a small bin of recyclables. The only reason I did that was because I was wasting time to see if I could wave to my neighbor that was mowing the grass. Odd, I know, but I am trying to be more friendly to our neighbors to see if that helps. However, sometime between the time that DH came home early from work...due to a headache and nausea (Im thinking heat issues) and 11pm, someone came and stole the contents of the recycle bin. Now, I will admit, that sometimes I recycle credit card offers but I ripped them into several pieces. I won't be doing that again. Today I need to figure out in my limited time, how to place a fraud alert. Tuesday one of our credit cards called and questioned a transaction,which is good because it wasn't ours.

Our neighborhood is a good neighborhood, don't get me wrong, but I would gather that there are several people who's credit is questionable. Yet again, there are lots of people that most likely have wonderful credit... my question is did they pick their victims or did they just randomly take recycleables? Our neighbor kitty corner to us had her bin emptied also... but it was after we discovered ours. DH went out and looked up and down the street. No one else at the time had their bin emptied. I guess we should have called the police.

Updated:You can place a fraud alert online at Supposedly once you alert one of the agencies, the others are notified. Hopefully that is accurate as I tried to place fraud alerts with the other two first using their automated systems but neither of them went thru. Ugh..

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Uh... what not to do when doing laundry

Don't use oxyclean in a load with a garment that you may have previously treated with hydrogen peroxide to remove a stain. The fabric... well, it disappears leaving large gaping holes where stains used to be.