Monday, February 22, 2010

Better... but No.

So, time has gotten away from me. The second Greyhound was a better match than the first but not a good one for us. She probably will need to be placed in a home with another dog. She was almost depressed just being here. But on the good side, the adoption coordinator learned more about what we want and our cat was much more tolerant of this dog. He even went upstairs and relaxed in one of his fave spots after awhile. He did hiss at the dog but no more of the incessant howling and growling just because the dog was in the house. Now we just wait for another cat friendly dog that may be a match.

My husband got us tickets to see Sandra Bernhard for my birthday. I was worried that she was going to be over the top raunchy but she wasn't at all. The show was good but at the same time... I knew we were sitting there for an hour and half. So... good but not great. We ended up going to a RR tasty travels place for dinner that was not planned. I had wanted lasagna but ended up with soup instead. Es ok... it was good and we had a late lunch so lasagna would have made me uncomfortable during the show. However, after the show we walked down to a tea shop and split a chocolate croissant. I love tea and to spend some time in a tea shop on my birthday was just lovely. It was a modern tea shop more like a Starbucks but for tea and that was still just fine with me :P We had driven downtown so on the way back, I got to enjoy the night skyline and convince my DH to go bowling. Yes, we spent an hour cosmic bowling and it was fun. Expensive, but fun. I lost and didn't even care :P

We have decided that even if I don't meet my weight goal for our anniversary (though I am really trying this time) we will still reopen the discussion on pursuing medical assistance. I know that people tend to say that there comes a time when your limits change and that may well be the case. I just know that I still need to work on my weight regardless of the decision we make in July.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Greyt Adventures

So we have met one Greyhound who was not a good match for us. Tomorrow, my birthday, we will meet another who sounds like a good match. She is already living with a cat who hisses at her so that won't be an issue and she likes to be loved on. She walks well on a leash as long as there is a short lead and since retractable leashes are a no-no with greyhounds that shouldn't be an issue. They are anticpating leaving her here tomorrow night but we aren't comfortable with that as we don't have everything ready. Since we were told the process could take up to 12 weeks, we didn't run out and buy food or bowls or anything. We do have a dog bed for her though :P

So.... that is all I know, by this time next week we might just have had our dog for a few days :P

Monday, February 01, 2010


Please vote for my GodDaughter... Yes, it is a jokey picture but she is so cute she should win :P

Yes, I'm Biased :P

January Recap

So WOW! The first month of the year has flown by and I haven't really worked much so I must have wasted a ton of time on Facebook and other places online. My last weighin in January shows me as down 7lbs... 25% of my weightloss goal for July. Wow! I only lost 13lbs in 6 months last year. What a difference actually tracking what you are eating makes. I am still a bit light on the calories though so I am sure that it will slow down this month. I found an in person weight loss support group. They seem to be a really nice bunch of people and I went to a cooking event yesterday. I ended up spending a whole lot more time there than planned. Yesterday we also got the call to arrange the meeting of the Greyhound our agency thinks might be a good match. We will meet her on Election Day night!

So all in all, it has been a slightly frustrating month in terms of somethings but right now my focus is just getting down to my 1st goal weight and January was a successful month for that.