Saturday, September 27, 2008


Go check out the handbags that you can register to win here and well, if you don't need one you could also send it my way as I always need a new purse!

Looks like they are giving away a different handbag each hour but you can only register for one bag. The contest day is October 15th so don't forget to go back and check out the site when it launches!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Observations from the debate

* Some people will vote for Obama simply because he is taller and thinner than McCain

* Some people will vote for McCain simply because he is older

* They both like red ties

* Obama really shouldn't look down when facing forward because he looks a bit evil when he looks down a bit

*McCain whistles whilst he talks da dadadada da

* Oh how sad, Ted Kennedy is in the hospital again.

* Accountability... what a notion

* McCain is going to veto more bills then ever before-- great, that isn't going to cause a backlog of anykind now is it?

* Republicans built big government? I thought they hated government.

* Oh BAMA... China prerecorded their accomplishments. Probably not a good idea to talk about their space walk

* OOO... Obama got to say alternative energy first, nanananana

* That was cruel... I thought McCain was moderate so he could reach that far to the left-

* Oooo Moderator getting a bit pissy...

* Damn M, you didn't even eat bacon why the heck do your farts smell like BLT's?

* Google for government...

* Spending Freeze? what the heck. Ooo like the hatchet/scalpel analogy

* Backwards slow motion is not a good look for Obama

* Nuclear Winter sure would be a way to effect Climate Change

* The whistling it is killing me... I'm sorry, I know that is mean but sheesh... I hope it is just the microphone here.

* Orgy of spending? Tough to swallow? Is my mind in the gutter?

* The smirk about his maverick partner creeped me out a bit

* Why am I not using twitter for this? Oh yea, because I haven't really set it up yet and no one would be able to read it.

* Would have been? I didn't think that we really won in Iraq yet since we are still there.......

* BAMA we can't change it now, so quit focusing on what we should have done.

* Whoops WMOD's mentioned

* Wait a second, I thought that those
troops weren't given a choice to leave when their
time was up... they were told they needed
to delay their return.

*Are they sticking to the rules?

* Wait a second... BinLaden is still out. Did he mean Saddam?

* Oh ok, he just cleared that up

* I wish they really had resolved Iraq

* He has been saying that we need more troops? Seriously Obama wants
more troops?

* Oh damn, we can drink our first shot 9/11

* Uh oh... Someone is going to get mad about the differences of pronunciation of Pakistan

* Hey McCain, where's your flag pin?

* Mccain's hero is Reagan?

* Okay... McCain seriously is not looking about Obama. I know he has issues
with his neck and shoulders but he is not even glancing at him when Obama is talking.
Something seems a bit disrespectful there, especially since Obama is trying to be engaged
while listening.

* Again with the bracelet!

* He is staring straight ahead. He isn't even trying to be an engaged listener. Yet, the little digs come out on things that don't matter

*Being silent, It didn't work in Cuba either

*Way to dodge the question McCain. No response on Spain huh?

* Obama seems to be the more even tempered person tonight

* Somewhere I heard that the meeting on the financial crisis turned into a screaming match
I'm thinking McCain was the screamer

*Guess we should have made "walk the walk" the shot cue

*or maybe Nuclear

* 2,3,4,5, shots again

* too bad there is no alcohol in these shots :)

* 6,

* Definitely Nuclear would have been a shot cue

* Obama didn't even say 9/11 in the entire debate, even during the 9/11 question

* ooo he almost looked at Obama

* Obama = Bush on the stubborn scale?

* Yet, he was not the one being stubborn that he was right in this debate

* Hmmm... did McCain just steal Hilary's line?

* Okay Fonzie, Good Job but too bad you couldn't give your opponent some respect

Stealing Buddha's Dinner

I recently finished Stealing Buddha's Dinner by Bich Minh Nguyen. It was an interesting read. I grabbed this book on a whim at the library. I was looking for a different biography and the title looked interesting. I read the comments on the jacket and thought it would be fun to see how someone else digested the icons of my youth.

I don't know if I would have enjoyed this book as much if I wasn't the same age as the author. I found it quite entertaining to see how she reacted to the same commericals and events during my youth. If you like memoirs, you might just like this one.

One thing though is that I will never understand why people call memoirs self absorbed. So if you find yourself thinking that way about memoirs most of the time, skip it because while it reads like a novel at points throughout the book it is definitely her reaction and her thoughts. Sometimes these thoughts are self serving. If this bugs you, skip it. Also, food is a main topic throughout the book. She talks about how the food in her home indicates how different her homelife is from those around her. If food focused books trigger you... you might want to skip it as I did find myself craving fun dip and sticky rice for some reason.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


It was definitely more painful than the last time. Part of it maybe that I didn't get to take Advil until 30 min before my appt but it was longer than expected before they started the procedure. She had to "pinch" my ute because it was being uncooperative. Gee... It is not the first time:)

It hurt, it is over. Now just settling in for the wait for results. I am going to be ticked off if it takes over 3 weeks again. She thought sometime next week but who knows. She took a larger sample this time and said when we get the results we will go from there. Not sure if I am going to push for a d & c or not.

A bit crampy... But OK.


Trying really hard not to freak about this test today but it isn't working out that way. I know it will be quick and well the pain should be over quick too hopefully but it still is bugging me.

Okay... I really need to get some work done.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Nothing beats a weekend with a ton of rain and then horrible local flooding like a weekend where the local favorite team clinches the division! WWAAAHHHOOOO haven't won the division two years in a row in ooooo 100 years! Waving the W today and hoping that it can stay in place.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunshine Day..

Everybody's Happy, Sunshine Day..............

But I feel like there is a safe on top of my chest...........

Sunshine Day...Everybody's Laughing.....

At my wacky hair that grew out funny.....

Everybody's smiling... sunshine Day!

I think I'll go for a drive outside now, the fall sun is calling my name...
I hear ya now....
I just can't lay in bed all day
I gotta get out get some of that pay now
I'll try to be smiling
Sunshine Day
I'll be coughing
Sunshine Day
But I'll be trying to be happy today...
Sunshine Daaaayy....

uh nuh... I did not spend the morning watching Brady Bunch.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kicked up Franks and Beans

This was a recipe that just came out of what was available to me and what needed to be used up asap, but it turned out really good and I probably will make it again.

* 1 box of cornbread mix, mixed as per directions on the box, set aside to rest
* 4-6 hot dogs sliced depending on what you have on hand and how many people you are serving (I sliced mine thin so that there would be more slices throughout the dish because I only had 4 small hot dogs)
* 1 can baked beans (I used bush's vegetarian)
* 1 can of white beans, rinsed (I used great northern)
* 1 med to large onion, chopped
* 1 red bell pepper, chopped
* 1 clove of garlic, minced
* oil to sweat out garlic
* bbq sauce to taste (I used a honey chipolte flavor and approximately 3 tbls)

Preheat the oven to the temp called for on the cornbread mix. Heat up the oil and then add garlic and onions, when they have cooked up a few minutes, add the red pepper. After a few minutes add the hot dogs to get them browned a bit. Once it looks nice and blended with a good color on the hot dogs, pour into a casserole dish. I used a 1.5 qrt for 4 hot dogs. Add the beans and the bbq sauce. Mix well. Spread the corn bread mix over the top of the casserole dish and cover with aluminum foil to help it not burn before the bread is done. Cook until the corn bread is done, taking the foil off in the middle to get a nice brown on the topping. Mine took about 40 minutes to get the bread cooked all the way thru. Scoop and serve.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

09/11/01-- Memories

I remember that the day didn't start off as a typical Tuesday due to a change in the manager's schedule. The day wasn't normal because the DM was in his office in the back of our store. But in the end it wasn't a normal day because it was the day that everything stopped. Businesses closed early, sporting events cancelled, gas stations had huge lines and big price jumps. It was far from normal and in someways things never really did return to the normal known before.

The best things to happen in that week after for us were that our nephew was born on the day that we should have been at a baseball game but baseball was stopped and we saw great images of personal sacrfice and team work throughout the nation. Yellow flags and American flags were everywhere for a time being after 09/11/01. Now it seems those symbols are once again limited to families of miltary personnel still fighting because of that day.

I find myself a bit disturbed that baseball will be cancelled again on the weekend after this day (at least for our team) due to something that could cause great damage and loss of life. May this only be a precaution that is deemed unfounded. Baseball helps remind us of "normal".

100 Words Project 9/11

Today at Bridges is the first 100 words project. I couldn't come up with anything that I thought was eloquent enough in 100 words. Later I will post my own thoughts but please check out Bridges for others memories about 9/11.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fastest Hour of TV in awhile--

I just watched today's episode of the Dr. Phil spinoff The Doctors in less than 20 min including breaks to check the Cubs/Cards score. Multiple breaks. Guess it helps that I didn't want to even begin to hear about home birth today. Yesterday I fast forwarded through the largest section of the show also. It was about the HPV vaccine and parents preparing for the birth of their child. Hopefully soon they will have a main feature that peaks my interest. It is only the first week but if it becomes pregnancy centric it will be off of my dvr in a flash. Besides... it doesn't even come in real HD ;)

Today I am annoyed by:

* People who say their house is done but when I get there the bathrooms aren't functional
* People who think that they should become number 1 priority when they put off their appointment for 3 weeks and yet their house still isn't done
* People who think that somehow they are the only house in town that has appreciated
* People who don't respond to voicemail messages and then decide they are in a hurry so demand that I work 3x faster for the same fee
* People who can't give an accurate description of their home and leave out big things like outbuildings and inground pools
* People who don't respond to emails

I think that covers it...

aaahhh.. that feels better.

Friday, September 05, 2008

To all the google searchers...

Sorry to disappoint you but there are no cliffs notes for Water for Elephants or for Nothing to Lose. Time to read the book. They are both very well written and you will be missing out if you don't take the time to read the whole book so stop searching for a short cut and do what you need to do.

And there he was...

standing on my side of the bed, talking happily, and nudging my face. My world tipped back towards normal this morning. I don't know if he will eat all of his food but I know that he is much improved just by him saying good morning to me before everything else starts for the day.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's Raining...

It's raining, It's pouring, The kitty cat is snoring. Went to bed with a sore bum leg and was able to get up in morning!

I wish I knew what the fascination with our bedroom is for our cat. I thought for sure that he would stay downstairs some today but nope, he came down to eat and then back upstairs for him. He hasn't been downstairs again either except to greet me after I dropped DH at the train station. When I came back from an afternoon appointment he didn't even wake up, but that isn't unusual when I come in thru the garage in the afternoon.

Can you tell where my focus is? We have never (knock on wood) had a health crisis with him fortunately. Other than a short episode of stomach upset he hasn't had to be on medicine. But, he is getting older. We never got him a buddy like we planned because once again, we weren't able to make a decision. Dog or cat? Small or large? Young or old? So, he has become our baby. The furkid that replaces the human child. Of course, the "mother" in me "freaked out" according to my DH over this. I overreacted. I only wish that he could have been there to hear his screams yesterday and to realize that my reenactment was not an exaggeration of the situation. Oh well... more disagreement, not really new and no biggie.

So he is doing better but not 100%. Hopefully tomorrow will bring even better news and maybe tomorrow I can focus on something else... like calling the Dr and revealing the lovely news that my mother bestowed on me so that the Dr can decide if she wants to change the test that I am currently scheduled for to a more thorough one.

Right now, need to get back to catching up on work and listening to the rain drops :)

Thank Goodness...

DH helped my parents out yesterday and went with my step dad to pick up my mom from the ER so that he could drive her car home as her company just moved into a new office on Tuesday. Nothing like a bit a craziness! He took the train from their station to ours (so grateful we are on the same line) and then we ran to pick up dinner. I was going to make tacos but after a craptastic day I really didn't want to dirty any dishes.

When we got home, there was definate improvement in our kitty. He had the anti-inflammatory meds at 2:30ish and by 7:30 was actually willing to walk more. He also started eating right before we got home or when we got home which was a really good thing. We didn't give him any extra food last night because we were worried he would get sick so today we will feed him slowly.

This morning he is very talkative but he didn't jump up on the bed. No biggie... I would rather he didn't anyhow :)

Off to enjoy the 2-4 inches of rain we are supposed to get today! Yay!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Computer or user errror? Who cares... but-

Well, I hit the wrong button again and my long post of what has been going on lately disappeared. I really don't feel like typing it out again so I will leave you with this:

* 5 years of no birth control reached over Labor Day weekend
* Family bbq ok but aftermath not so much
* DH and I have totally different views on the future of our family/marriage
* Cat had bad reaction to vaccines and can't walk, won't eat or drink
* Back pain came back over the weekend
* Mom in er again with nosebleed. No one able to get there right away because of car issues and cat issues
* Ob/Gyn nurse called to say that endometirial biposy needs to be done again
* Gas meter had to be exchanged because it hasn't been working since april
* Period started in the middle of all of this on the same day and mega cramps to boot

Yep, it is just another wicked week! And, to think, I used to think that even years were lucky ones for me.