Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today I am annoyed by:

* People who say their house is done but when I get there the bathrooms aren't functional
* People who think that they should become number 1 priority when they put off their appointment for 3 weeks and yet their house still isn't done
* People who think that somehow they are the only house in town that has appreciated
* People who don't respond to voicemail messages and then decide they are in a hurry so demand that I work 3x faster for the same fee
* People who can't give an accurate description of their home and leave out big things like outbuildings and inground pools
* People who don't respond to emails

I think that covers it...

aaahhh.. that feels better.


Kristi said...

If you get there and they have no functioning bathrooms, can't you just leave and tell them to call again when they are fixed? I'd think that would warrant a service fee of some sort.

Deb said...

Not in this case because the bank was told that the house was complete and she told me that it was just detail tile that was missing. The bank really ticked her off though because if it goes through they are calling for a final inspection now because they had me change it to a subject to completion report which is what she did not want in the first place.

I doubt I will have to go back though because the market area declined and uh... she definately did not like the results.