Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Computer or user errror? Who cares... but-

Well, I hit the wrong button again and my long post of what has been going on lately disappeared. I really don't feel like typing it out again so I will leave you with this:

* 5 years of no birth control reached over Labor Day weekend
* Family bbq ok but aftermath not so much
* DH and I have totally different views on the future of our family/marriage
* Cat had bad reaction to vaccines and can't walk, won't eat or drink
* Back pain came back over the weekend
* Mom in er again with nosebleed. No one able to get there right away because of car issues and cat issues
* Ob/Gyn nurse called to say that endometirial biposy needs to be done again
* Gas meter had to be exchanged because it hasn't been working since april
* Period started in the middle of all of this on the same day and mega cramps to boot

Yep, it is just another wicked week! And, to think, I used to think that even years were lucky ones for me.

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Lollipop Goldstein said...

Oh, sweetie--I'm sorry. That's a lot happening at once.