Thursday, September 11, 2008

09/11/01-- Memories

I remember that the day didn't start off as a typical Tuesday due to a change in the manager's schedule. The day wasn't normal because the DM was in his office in the back of our store. But in the end it wasn't a normal day because it was the day that everything stopped. Businesses closed early, sporting events cancelled, gas stations had huge lines and big price jumps. It was far from normal and in someways things never really did return to the normal known before.

The best things to happen in that week after for us were that our nephew was born on the day that we should have been at a baseball game but baseball was stopped and we saw great images of personal sacrfice and team work throughout the nation. Yellow flags and American flags were everywhere for a time being after 09/11/01. Now it seems those symbols are once again limited to families of miltary personnel still fighting because of that day.

I find myself a bit disturbed that baseball will be cancelled again on the weekend after this day (at least for our team) due to something that could cause great damage and loss of life. May this only be a precaution that is deemed unfounded. Baseball helps remind us of "normal".

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