Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Birthday Adventure

We went downtown the Saturday after my birthday to visit the Musuem of Modern Ice and visit some other places. We spent a little over an hour at the exhibit and Millenuim Park. The Ice Rink at Millenium Park
The Back of the Section I posted Previously that DH thinks has a monkey in it.

Another Front Section of the Ice Wall

A larger picture of the back (I think this is also the back of the section posted above)

Cloud Gate (The Bean)

Ourselves Reflected in The Bean

The Boeing Gallery

I didn't know that there was this huge Sheet Medal and Wood Bridge built over Columbus... Turns out it has a name.

The View from the Park on the East Side of Columbus

The Park District Ice Rink on the East side of Columbus

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And now that the sun is out!

I will share some of my most recent ice/weather observations. The winter storm is over and the sun is shining. I still have two more appointments today, a bunch of reports to write up, and a few errands to run... what? It isn't even noon yet and while I have crossed quite a few items off the to do list--- it seems never ending so what better way to cheer myself up right? Post pictures!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Strange observances around town

Lately I have noticed strange signs place strategically around the area. I stopped and took a picture of this one because it struck me as funny but also proved that someone is doing something around here. I had thought I was going crazy when I saw a sign on a busy street that had a regular road sign and then a "HI" sign underneath it.

Is anyone else seeing strange signs in abnormal places?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hanging in there

Things have been really crazy around here lately. Work has been taking up most of my time... the house is a mess and well, food choices haven't been the best. But, I am trying. I go to the dr tomorrow to follow up on the HBP pills and such. I haven't been that diligent about checking it lately. My weight has been up and down. As soon as I announced I had lost 6lbs since Jan 1st... 4 came back from salt and such.

My birthday passed in a work numbed frenzy. We didn't do anything on the day but dh did stop and get some good takeout for dinner. We didn't do anything for Valentine's day really...I had planned some things but they were toned down with the shooting at DH's alma mater. He may have graduated from there but I have many memories of that campus long before I met him. Anyhow...

Saturday we took the day and went downtown. We decided to go to breakfast at a place we have been interested in trying for over a year. We timed it well as we only had a 10 minute wait for a table and the food came out quickly. I had an egg white omlette and DH had a spinach and feta omlette. The sweet potato hashbrowns were interesting. Most likely, we will make it a place to stop when we are headed downtown but we won't be making any special trips just for breakfast anytime soon. However, I do want to try their turkey burger.

After breakfast we headed to Millenium Park to see this exhibit. I haven't found a whole lot of photos on the web of the exhibit when it first opened. We have had a crazy thaw and freeze then repeat cycle lately. The exhibit has degraded since it opened. Here is a photo of the last section on the right that DH saw a monkey in the ice.

There were some other interesting sights at the park and I will share those later. After Millenium park we drove down to the Museum of Science and Industry to see a few exhibits of my choice that we had missed and one that was only there for the weekend. More about that later...

Better get back to work!

May the bitter cold pass you up these next few days!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hurt and Heartsick instead of Love and Heartfull...

For reasons to numerous to list- this has me hurt, heartsick, and nauseous...What is wrong with this world?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, I was hoping to spend today getting caught up with work since my inital appointment got cancelled due to attorney review delays. Gotta love that ;) But all of a sudden out of the blue, this woman who I have 4 orders for her properties calls after 2.5 weeks or more of being on hold..."I'm ready now and it is a RUSH because my interest rates expire in a week". CRAAAPPP. I am managing about double the normal load right now and I was glad she was on hold. So no such luck of spending the entire day catching up. Hopefully, I will put a dent in it while I wait for Roger Clemens to testify. I am soooo ready for spring, this wacky weather is really getting to me this year for some reason.

Today, though, the sun is shining! And for that... I am thankful.

Happy 13th... The day between two holidays around here :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

One of my Faves...

So, in a personal mission to get this blog past the 299 mark in bloglines (currently there are 299 subscribers and for some reason it is driving me batty because it hasn't changed in awhile) I am introducing you to one of my favorite blogs. There are deals posted on a regular basis along with some good, solid advice. She accepts questions and will track down deals for certain types of items when she has time.

So check it out and if you use a blogfeed reader than subscribe if you are so inclined... maybe then the obsession with that number will go away for me :)


Pitchers and Catchers actually report on Wednesday! Happy Birthday to me! First practice is Vday so that is a sweet thing!

Can you tell there are a lot of Hopes for this season?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bright spots in a winter landscape...

I haven't been noticing any cool ice occurances this year... could be that they are buried under all the snow this year. Did you hear? We have over the average for an entire season already! Thank goodness we've pitched in for snow removal for the inlaws this year... they have had 17 inches more than we have already. I can't imagine the two of them shoveling, especially since FIL spent the first part of winter using a walker after hip replacement surgery. You can't tell that now though :)

Anyhow... These houses just sort of rose out of the gloom with their brightness... some nice, some not so nice... but I am not going to indicate which I think each is, as I would hate to offend.

Pardon me...

While I puke! On Don't forget the Lyrics there is a newlywed couple that is wearing matching clothes. She is the "older woman" by ooo 11 years and he is only 26. I was dealing with it until she said "Do ya trust me babe?" and he turned and grinning said "Of course, I trust you completely". Blah...

Can you tell I am not feeling very romantic today?

Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training on Valentine's Day! What could be more perfect?

On a side note, my baseball heart is breaking... why the heck would the trainer have saved syringes and gauze from Roger Clemens. Plus... stop convicting him just because the trainer did that. He could have had a cortisone shot or a vitamin shot... steriods aren't the only injectibles. So until the evidence comes back that steriods were in those syringes, stop saying "Roger is Ruined"

Okay... I'm done. :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I want a dog...


I really would like a dog. I think that our cat needs a buddy as he gets pretty lonely and then gets into things that he shouldn't. He gets plenty of attention when we are home but he can be a bit "needy" at times, mostly after we have been gone for several days in a row or we come home late. My dh would like to get another cat but I don't want another litter box and I am afraid that we won't get as lucky personality wise again. Our cat is pretty outgoing, lazy, and very loving but will we be as lucky again? So many cats I have met are pretty tempermental and I want another pet to cuddle... not one that is mean and standoffish.

I have always wanted a dog. Ideally a greyhound or a purse dog. DH isn't all that fond of dogs and does not want a barker. But, he has agreed to get a dog since it is what I want. While I am excited, I am also apprehensive. Why? Because what if my mega desire for a dog right now, even though it has been ongoing for a long, long time, is just to find a substitute for the baby/child that I can't have right now? Well...most likely can't have forever but I am still hoping that someday, something will work out. Is that fair to the dog? To my dh who really doesn't want a dog? To the cat who may or may not be a dog hater?

I do want a dog. I don't want to be acclimating a dog to our home in the snow but definately would like one in the spring... But the fear that it is just a soothing decision is still there. Bah-- I really should be in therapy!