Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bright spots in a winter landscape...

I haven't been noticing any cool ice occurances this year... could be that they are buried under all the snow this year. Did you hear? We have over the average for an entire season already! Thank goodness we've pitched in for snow removal for the inlaws this year... they have had 17 inches more than we have already. I can't imagine the two of them shoveling, especially since FIL spent the first part of winter using a walker after hip replacement surgery. You can't tell that now though :)

Anyhow... These houses just sort of rose out of the gloom with their brightness... some nice, some not so nice... but I am not going to indicate which I think each is, as I would hate to offend.

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jp said...

Hi there-
Thanks for your doubling good thoughts and wishes and for checking in! It means so very much.
We have had frigid freezing yesterday and today but so far no snow or ice to mention or photograph- btw,I do like your pics!