Monday, April 27, 2009

Not sure...

how I feel about this but I donated my facebook status to RESolve today but I did modify the statement that they had as I just didn't like the wording. I highly doubt that anything will be said about it because most of my family subscribes to the "don't talk about it" camp and it seems that I know a lot of overtly fertile people that it will probably make uncomfortable. But such is life... why do I have to feel like I have to suffer in silence through this? We already are not doing anything about it treatmentwise, do I have to pretend that I am childless by choice too?

Oh well, it is what it is.......

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crabby Patty's

My "bad" mood of the last ooo week or so finally has a reason. AF showed her face. Not the 40+ cycle of last month so that is good but still a few days late. I wasn't panicking though this time and didn't even test.

We decided on a contractor for our bathroom. I can only hope that we made the right decision. I think it will be okay. He has worked in our subdivision before that is a big plus because we have cheaply built homes and not everything makes sense. If someone at least knows that ahead of time, things tend to go easier. Plus it will be good to have another local contractor to rely on instead of just the one that we normally use. We didn't have him bid the job because I honestly thought he had gone out of business but we saw him at our neighbors the other day. When the time comes he is going to install the new siding on the house. I just wish that we could plow through all of this stuff and spend everything we can now to get as much done. We probably should have done that before but the money is going to be spent eventually. It is so hard to balance it out though in our house because there are issues inside and out. I still think part of the reason our neighbors hate us is because the outside of our house is ugly but what can we do.

Someone is mowing their lawn behind us.... how much you want to bet..... eh, oh well, the south yards have been growing faster. DH will hopefully be able to do the first trim at least this weekend as the grass around the fence has grown in much faster than the rest of the yard. If he won't, then I will have to find time to do it......... and then be pissed off again.

I threw some black beans in the crockpot this morning. I have rice cooking up in the cooker with some rotel. I hope that dinner comes out yummy!

Have a happy rest of the hump day!

Monday, April 20, 2009


The bathroom project is progressing though I am a bit ticked at the contractor at the moment. He is supposed to come by to quote some additional work and he was going to call back yet, we haven't heard from him.

The foot doctor appointment went well. He gave me a very painful cortisone shot and hopefully between that and the xrays we are on the way to a diagnosis. I go back in 3 weeks unless they call me about the results of the xrays.

I spent the weekend pretty cranky and just plain being mean to my husband. I need to stop that... I am miserable for many reasons but they are not all his fault. I want him to be able to solve it but he can't and that frustrates me that he can't, just within himself, make me happy.

Still on 1500mg of Metformin except when I try to take 2 in the am, 1 at lunch, and 1 at dinner to see if I can tolerate it... so far, I haven't made it very long with that schedule before something happens.

I am still forgetting to take my blood pressure pill each day. Need to get better at that. I know that when I take it, it makes a difference in how I feel.

Spaghetti with sausage sauce sounds good for dinner... wish we had some garlic bread to go with it------

Have a happy Monday evening!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coming Clean

I haven't been doing too well lately. Not with exercising, food intake, or emotional well being you could say. My DH told me that I am overly anxious lately and I am hoping that once I am back on my blood pressure pills that might end. But I am sure that part of it is related to my weight, my work being overwhelming again, and the prospect of our friends baby.

I am hosting an online baby shower for her and getting information out of her husband is like pulling teeth. I have the site almost done so I am just going to send it off to him and have him send it out to whoever. DH and I are considering heading out there for that weekend so that we can help and see them one more time before the baby comes. We will be going out there at some point after she arrives also but haven't figured that out yet.

I made an appointment to see a foot doctor for Monday. I went to my GP yesterday and asked him where to start. He said to start with podiatry(sp) because they do specialize in the foot and ankle. If it is over their head they will refer me to ortho which is in the same office. I haven't been working out because my ankle is in constant pain. I can't live like this if there is a chance that they can fix it or at least alleviate part of the problem. I just hope that it doesn't resort to surgery because I will have to wait until the fall, even if they give me an "it will get worse and may not be fixable then" type of speech. I can't take that much time off of work and we have a family vacation at the end of June.

I hope that by addressing this long term issue with my ankle, I can get out of my funk. I still know that I need to control my eating and get back to posting things on my weightloss blog but what I want most is to go for a walk and not be in pain for the rest of the day.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Working too much these days. Hate to say it but I have managed to watch the entire Sliders series off of Netflix while working. As everyone says, the first 3 seasons were the best but I didn't find it too terrible until the end of the 5th season. Plus I watched Nemesis Rising the Jacob and Joshua story or something, about two gay brothers trying to make it in the music business. Not that great... don't waste your time.

What else... Oh yea, I watched Dangerous Beauty. It was a historical movie about Courtesans and was pretty good. I also watched a classic Cary Grant movie that had me laughing quite a bit.

Dh doesn't understand how I can work and watch at the same time but I choose things carefully. If the storyline is too detailed that I can't do it since I am working and trying to sort out reports. But it really is no different than listening to the radio and then staring off into space for a few minutes when you are trying to concentrate on what they are saying.

Anyhow... nothing exciting around here.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Friday, April 03, 2009

ER-The Finale

Warning Spoiler Alert

Well I spent close to 4 hours crying last night. For all kinds of reasons. ER has been on longer than I have known my husband. It was there when I went away to college. I has been there through the darkest hours. While I still feel that it should have ended with the Abby and Luca's wedding and the uncertainty of the future of the hospital... the end, well, it made sense for the most part.

Things I wonder about/was annoyed about that were not resolved:

1. It annoyed me that the Carter/Kem relationship was not resolved. It annoyed me that he didn't even really talk to her. However, I do think that it was an accurate example of how hard things can be for some couples after losing a child.

2. Where was Dubenko? Where was that crazy bald headed surgical resident? Where was Malik? Where was Anspaugh, who has been talked about but not on all season...? I mean...even Lydia came back and she hasn't been on for a long while.

3. Why couldn't George Clooney get over it and do an interview for the retrospective? And if he did, how was there nothing that could be taken and used?

Other than these little things... it was an okay ending. Nothing strange or out of the ordinary. Just a typical day in the ER-not tied up in a neat little knot and that is probably the best way to leave it.

Update: Malik was there.. I just missed him the first time around. But one thing still bothers me that bugged me the first time that I didn't mention. The Carter that we came to know and love before he left for Africa, never, Never Ever, would have left that father standing in the pool of his wife's blood. To know that he did that and that she later died... Yeah, that doesn't jive with me so well.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

its been that kind of week...

Today I saw a car roll up hill. I also had a migraine this morning that may have been caused by sleeping on the couch or it is related to the fact that my bra is attacking my nipples. Either AF is returning to her regular schedule this weekend or I am in for two long weeks of PMS. Not sure which would be better at this point.

Right now I just need to find the energy to concentrate on work so that I won't feel guilty watching *sob* the FINALE of ER.