Friday, April 03, 2009

ER-The Finale

Warning Spoiler Alert

Well I spent close to 4 hours crying last night. For all kinds of reasons. ER has been on longer than I have known my husband. It was there when I went away to college. I has been there through the darkest hours. While I still feel that it should have ended with the Abby and Luca's wedding and the uncertainty of the future of the hospital... the end, well, it made sense for the most part.

Things I wonder about/was annoyed about that were not resolved:

1. It annoyed me that the Carter/Kem relationship was not resolved. It annoyed me that he didn't even really talk to her. However, I do think that it was an accurate example of how hard things can be for some couples after losing a child.

2. Where was Dubenko? Where was that crazy bald headed surgical resident? Where was Malik? Where was Anspaugh, who has been talked about but not on all season...? I mean...even Lydia came back and she hasn't been on for a long while.

3. Why couldn't George Clooney get over it and do an interview for the retrospective? And if he did, how was there nothing that could be taken and used?

Other than these little things... it was an okay ending. Nothing strange or out of the ordinary. Just a typical day in the ER-not tied up in a neat little knot and that is probably the best way to leave it.

Update: Malik was there.. I just missed him the first time around. But one thing still bothers me that bugged me the first time that I didn't mention. The Carter that we came to know and love before he left for Africa, never, Never Ever, would have left that father standing in the pool of his wife's blood. To know that he did that and that she later died... Yeah, that doesn't jive with me so well.


Kristin said...

I liked the ending. I think trying to wrap everything up would have felt fake (at least for me it would have). The part husband losing his wife (the old couple that had known each other 72 years) had me sobbing. It reminded me of my in-laws. When my FIL died last fall, he and my MIL had know each other for 60 years.

Deb said...

Yes, I watched it again and I think that ending was the best way to do it. I didn't realize that Carter called Rachel, Dr. Greene in the last scene until I saw it again. Wow, 60 years? That's awesome. That scene did have me crying too.