Thursday, March 03, 2011


The mass is a cyst that lost half of it's size between the ultrasound and the MRI. No surgery yet. I have to go for another meeting with the dildocam in about 6-8 weeks and hopefully it will be gone. Since the pain I am having is still around on the right side and the right side cyst is gone the search for other issues is on. I have a call into the Gastro to work on scheduling a colonscopy. Both the PCP and the ob/gyn said that would be the next step at this point. Hopefully I can get in there next week or the week after.

On another note, I have a reunion with some women I went to Jr High with. Before I was excited but now, not so much. I was hoping to have a reason for my pain and now I am worried that if I say yes, I will feel awful that day and not want to go. This part of the issue is what sucks big time.