Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 Goals--Updated

I was going to write up a list for 101 things in 1000 days but in all honesty, I don't want to plan that far ahead right now. So, I made a short list for 2008. Hopefully this will be done quickly and then I will need to come up with stuff for the back half of 2008 but right now... this is about as much as I am willing to commit.

1. Read 5 non fiction books not related to infertility

2. Read 3 classic books

3. See 1 play

4. Eat Indian Food

5. Work on my Lifestyle goals for 2008 (Posted at 3 fat chicks)

6. Read Intuitive Eating

7. See 12 movies in the theatre

8. Go to the Planetarium

9. Go to the Burpee Museum

10. See Blue Man Group

11. Redo backyard landscaping

12. Volunteer at 2 events

13. Finish the kitchen

14. Install doors on the laundry

15. Make the 3rd bedroom liveable space of some sort

16. Read 3 Biographies not related to Infertility

17. Go to at least one agency introduction meeting

18. Attend 6 consecutive Sundays at the Church in town we have wanted to try

19. Refinish deck or decide to build new one and actually do it

20. Go to Oklahoma for Memorial Day

Updated items added

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Never been so Happy...

for a year to come to a close. This has been a rough one. Even though there were good things in it and interesting things that occurred; the crap that was ruled the universe for a very long time.

Right now I am just working on how to improve my attitude and let things go so that 2008 can be a great year.

Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

A wish...

Of Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays.

If you are celebrating this week have a wonderful time.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

and the scrambling begins...

Two days left to shop... I don't shop on Christmas Eve if I can avoid it. The last few years I have already been done by now but, things were a bit more complicated this year. I need to make some chocolate pretzel things but I couldn't find rolos at the store yesterday. I bought carmel kisses instead but will continue to look for the rolos. Wrapping hasn't begun but I am okay with that.

Sometime between now and Monday I need to write up at least one report for work... it is due to the bank on Monday so it must get done.

We still have to run and get gifts that we are picking up for others---not just for ourselves are we behind. I actually have more done than I thought but the house never got decorated and even the outside didn't get as much as was planned. Oh well... it is just one year.

The scale was nicer to me today than it has been so if I can keep control... I might be able to say that the damage is much less than I thought or maybe even no damage at all. All I can do is try right? I won't avoid things I want right now but I don't have to go out of my way to get Chips and Guacamole at Taco Fresco between now and January 1st right?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why I must be the most pathetic person alive...

Today I POAS. Why? Well, I am constipated, constantly spotting, have a stuffy nose that won't go away, weird stomach twinges have been occurring on a regular basis, and have noticed a "hard spot" in my stomach occasionally. Don't bother to remind me that I have so much abdominal fat that I could probably never find a hard "baby" spot if I ever did get pregnant, the fact that I have been on BCP for 2.5 months, and the lack of BD'ing anytime recently. But, I was holding out hope that since I have been spotting since the end of my period in pack 2 and now the same in pack 3, that it must not be working so a positive was possible. Of course, just like the 100's of others, it was negative.

I'm holding out hope that by the end of this pack the daily spot will be over... if not gone by the middle of week 2 in pack 4, I'm calling the nurse. The only reason I am waiting that long is that all over the Internet you find advice that it takes 3 full months to get it together sometimes.

It's been a rough year... thank goodness it is over in 11 days and 3 hours.

Monday, December 17, 2007


I picked up Elf the other day at the library. Oh my, I don't usually like Will Farrell movies but I have to admit this was a funny movie and it left me wanting to see a sequel. That doesn't happen often. If you have been afraid to watch Elf because you are not fond of Will Farrell then try to put your feelings aside and invest in a bit of Holiday cheer. It may be worth it to you... it was to me!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Don't know...

What is up with me right now. I am a raging witch to my recovering husband. Right now the house is a disaster (far better than it has been in the past) but not at all in "holiday shape". I didn't get the rest of the decorations up outside and have only hung a lonely stocking on a convienent at the time doorknob.

Part of it is that I am still sick but haven't felt that I have had the time to run to the doctor (even though it would be the convienent care clinic, not the actual dr since I want to switch). Part of it is that DH is still in pain quite often... along with all the other stress dealing with surgery recovery. Up until last night we had barely 15% of our Christmas shopping completed but that was remedied at Target... however, all those gifts are for the weekend after Christmas so... I still have to find the gifts for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! As usual, we aren't shopping for each other so that kind of bums me out but at the same time is a bit of a blessing this year. Work has been insanely busy but mainly by one client that was assigning stuff directly to me. Okay so due to my good turnaround rate they decided to completely overload me and now I won't have much work from them for a few days/weeks because my turnaround now stinks since they sent over 10 orders to be done in 3 days. That is pretty hard to do with trying to manage my other orders, take care of my personal stuff, and I don't know...sleep?

My eating has been eh... some days out of control, some days I didn't eat much. Some days I just make bad choices... yesterday I ate a bunch of chips and guacamole... yummy but I didn't need all that I ate.

Anyhow... Today I am off to bake cookies and then later on attend a graduation party. Tomorrow is the actual graduation and sometime before Monday morning I need to work a whole bunch. Fun weekend! :)

Have fun shopping!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

YAY! They found stones...

Yes, I am excited about that. Yes, my dh is excited about that also. It increases the chances that this surgery will eliminate his pain. There were also some adhesions on the gallbladder but I didn't get the details... bad wife. I figured he could explain it at the follow up appointment in two weeks.

He was in rough shape on Thursday. Friday was a bit better and today is even better
so far. Quite a bit more pain than he anticipated. The pain pills didn't work so great on Thursday and Friday but seem to be helping now. He is taking two every four hours... I just hope that they let me refill it today because otherwise he will miss a few doses before the pharmacy opens in the morning. I am going to wait to call it in until noon and go from there.

Anyhow... that is what I know. Neither one of us is sleeping in greater than 3 hour increments right now. I did sleep a bit more last night and a bit better because I went upstairs and he eventually followed me. That did help but I still don't really want to do much :) and I am the healthy one!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

well... it's on!

Tomorrow sometime... not sure yet as for some strange reason preplanned surgeries only get scheduled the day before around here is seems... Dh will hopefully be on his way to being pain free after eating. Doctor approved him to go ahead with the surgery to remove his gallbladder even though he has a bit of a cold.

This is the third time that he is going under general anesthesia this year. Some how he has caught up to me (over 7 years) in less than 12 months time. A bit scarey but if this eases his pain at all... it will be worth it.

Prayers, healthy vibes, all the good stuff appreciated.

Zesty Turkey burgers

I tried this recipe last night. I added a chopped small purple onion, extra green pepper, and a tbls of dijon to mix. I skipped the cheese. I also broiled the tops for about a minute. These were really moist and definately something that we will eat again. Next time I will add more dijon mustard before making the patties and will broil both sides or cook on the grill.