Saturday, December 08, 2007

YAY! They found stones...

Yes, I am excited about that. Yes, my dh is excited about that also. It increases the chances that this surgery will eliminate his pain. There were also some adhesions on the gallbladder but I didn't get the details... bad wife. I figured he could explain it at the follow up appointment in two weeks.

He was in rough shape on Thursday. Friday was a bit better and today is even better
so far. Quite a bit more pain than he anticipated. The pain pills didn't work so great on Thursday and Friday but seem to be helping now. He is taking two every four hours... I just hope that they let me refill it today because otherwise he will miss a few doses before the pharmacy opens in the morning. I am going to wait to call it in until noon and go from there.

Anyhow... that is what I know. Neither one of us is sleeping in greater than 3 hour increments right now. I did sleep a bit more last night and a bit better because I went upstairs and he eventually followed me. That did help but I still don't really want to do much :) and I am the healthy one!

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calliope said...

so glad he is getting to feeling better day by day.