Sunday, July 03, 2011

Weird Space

Well hello there... it has been awhile. Things have been a bit crazy around here. I ended up in the emergency room again so now I am waiting for the surgery scheduler to call and set up a time to do a lap with a tube test. I chose to skip Lupron for now as we don't even know if this is endo or some other problem. Seems crazy to treat with nasty hormones when I have had such a bad reaction to hormonal birth control in the past. The pain from the surgery might last a few weeks but the hormones may mess up something all together. My ob/gyn has thrown around the I word a lot in her notes so the scheduler said that there is a possibility that our insurance company will deny to pay for the surgery. A letter of medical necessity might change their minds but since that isn't always successful we just won't know until it's all scheduled and authorized. I am scheduled for a 21 day progesterone test. Not sure if I will do it on the 11th or if I will just wait for another cycle. I almost think I will just wait because getting pregnant right now is the least of my worries, however, if this is endo than supposedly pregnancy helps with the pain. ;( Right now I would just love to have a few days of no pain and no period. These days I am only close to pain free during my period. Not typical of endo which is the other reason for not choosing Lupron. My doctor said something about just having bad Mittelschmerz. But 5-8 days of severe abdominal pain with almost continuous pain throughout the rest of the cycle? Vomiting/nausea and pain all the way up to my shoulder? If that is the case, please, take my ovaries because I can't deal with this anymore.