Monday, May 16, 2011

Please tell me that some time it will get easier!

I thought I was prepared. I knew it was coming. I knew that they were trying. Why is it that a simple "We're Pregnant" can still rock my world even though I am so, so very happy for them! The couple that is pregnant has tried for 5 years for their second child and the poor man's fertility method worked out of the blue for them (3 cycles on the pill and then boom on the 4th). I'm trying so very hard because I am really really thrilled for them but at the same time I am just so very sad for myself and my husband. We have come to terms that we won't be parents unless we come into some money in the future. We just don't have the funds to move forward with adoption or anything else right now and probably never will. So here we are... and this place is just as painful as it was before the work I did on accepting our situation. This sucks.