Saturday, September 25, 2010

Things are returning to normal around here.

DH drove himself to/from work the past two days and worked almost a full day yesterday so he is feeling better. I'm still a bit behind on work but if I play catch up this weekend I should be able to knock it all out and gain a bit on the week ahead.

The car did end up just being the radiator so less than $500. We can handle that. It sounded a lot worse at the time and thankfully the coolant had just evaporated instead of backflowing into the engine system. The hospital bill isn't as pleasant but at least my bill from July ended up being paid with just our copay that we already took care of so that is good. Now, if only I had realized what this could be, we could have just had a $150 bill as well for him or at least for most of it. Oh well.

Still working on weight loss. I have changed things up for the next few weeks just to figure out if I can get out of this 5lb range I have been stuck in.

I am supposed to go to a book group meetup on Tuesday and well, I just started the book this morning. Hopefully I will be able to get most of it read this weekend as I have really wanted to read The Glass Castle for awhile.

Have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I am just so very tired. The last two months have been crazy with work and the past few weeks have been drama filled at home. My DH had an appendectomy. Glad that it was only that and he was home 24 hours after surgery. He spent less than 47.5 hours in the hospital so that is good but it is going to hurt the family building budget. His car took a turn yesterday and basically blew up. Well, hopefully it is just the radiator but who knows. We won't know for a few days. I had driven us in the broken car to the shop just for a code check on the check engine light when we noticed that it was overheating. When we got to the shop we weren't able to drive it home. Not totally comfortable with that because this is a new to us shop but they are super busy so hopefully that means they are good and reasonable. They will be working on it as they can fit it in but their next appointment wasn't until next Monday. I hope that they have an answer for us before then but if they don't... oh well. What really peeves me is that the warranty ran out 2 weeks ago and it was just at the dealer a few weeks ago for a check up. GRRRR. But bonus... I was able to walk the 1.75 miles home in about 30 minutes to get the other car so that I could pick up DH. He can barely walk the block we live on let alone that distance right now.

Okay, today is supposed to be a new day with a new 'tude so I'm letting it go. But it is hard to let it go when every penny spent means the more likely we will just be a family of two forever.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Goals for September

I have been stuck in the same 3lb range since June but possibly May.

Goals for September:

* Finally break into the 240’s permanently
* Continue working on Halloween challenge goals
* Take at least 4 complete days off of work

Week 1 of my Halloween challenge goals went well. I'm struggling with meeting the exercise minutes for this week as I need another 75 in 2 days to get it. But when I break that down now looking at it it is less than 45 minutes each day. If I go to Zumba class tonight I will be close to there and if I go to the gym tomorrow as planned I will probably exceed it. I can do this. I just need to make the time to.