Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Slimmin Update

The update is over here. On some blogs I can't post the other url so in case you got pointed back here, head over there.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Doctor Update...

Guess I just forgot to update after my appointment. Sheeeshh. Sorry.

My ob/gyn said that my HBP meds needed to be changed now. I am supposed to be regulated on the new med for 60 days and start taking a prenatal vitamin. Once I have been regulated 60 days I need to schedule a consultation with her to set up the plan. My DH needs to get his SA repeated since it has been awhile and he is in charge of figuring out how to get that done. So far there hasn't been any movement from him but we have been dealing with the anniversary of his father's accident along with getting ready for vacation. Plus, I go into my GP on the 15th to find out if he thinks this dose of meds is working or not. My bp hasn't been running too high but it also isn't as good as it was. Hopefully it will settle down a bit. The new med is supposed to reduce my pulse and that is not working yet either so who knows...

That's what I know. She was very open to trying things out which is different than the last time I talked to her about it.

Summer Challenge

Details on what I am pledging to work on this summer are located over here

I can't seem to get the images right... bear with my technical ineptness please :)