Thursday, October 30, 2008


The biopsy showed that I didn't ovulate in September. Since I didn't get a period in October that is pretty certain. She wants me to take provera for the next few months and see if something resets. Since I am seeing the endo in December she wants to wait on the blood work since she knows the endo will do a full workup. I have to make sure that I am monitoring my blood pressure during the days that I am taking the provera just to make sure that the progesterone isn't the reason for the increased blood pressure when on BCP. Has anyone taken provera and had issues?

So it sounds like typical pcos/progesterone issues most likely. Oh goody.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Winter is coming-

Today has been an interesting day so far. DH had a followup visit with his PCP for the injury to his foot when he struck out in anger the other day. No breaks so that is good news. The dr wanted to know what else was going on and since this anger is related to his overall mood lately, he was honest with him and told him how he has been feeling. He walked out with a prescription so it is a start. He didn't talk about talk therapy but I am still thinking that we should probably take the leap and talk to someone together if not alone. It is just a scary move to make and realistically how do you find a counselor? I don't even know. Our insurance coverage changed so we don't have a direct number for mental health questions anymore so I guess I will have to scour their website to find out how to go about it. Just another thing to procrastinate on right? While he was in the appointment I called for the followup appointment and was somehow able to score an appointment for first thing tomorrow morning. I am not complaining.

After his appointment we went out to breakfast to a place that is near our old apartment. We don't go there often but it is really yummy. They are relatively inexpensive and their portions are super huge. Neither one of us finished our breakfast and really it wasn't food that you would take home so that is frustrating. I didn't make the best choice but it was definitely different and yummy. I had a bacon waffle. Waffle with bacon in the batter and bacon on top. I wasn't expecting that much bacon but yummo. I had one scrambled egg on the side but it looked like 2 eggs. I still made a point to eat the protein food so I wouldn't feel so bad about it.

When we were finished, I ran to the Aldi down the street. It really has been awhile since I have actually shopped for some essentials. I walked out with a bunch of stuff that we needed but I don't think I have ever spent that much there. I did buy a pie plate that has handles though and a cute tempered glass cutting board for the counter. Plus I bought three different types of meat so that raises the total right there. I always like to see what new things they have and was surprised that they made quite a few packaging changes. I am annoyed though by the change they made to their broth products. They now come in the wax paper quarts that a lot of brands do and that is fine but the ones that they use are not labeled as recyclable. Not a huge deal but since I typically don't cook with a quart of broth at a time except for chicken, I didn't get any. I will stick to the cans I can find elsewhere for beef stock or try and figure out how to make my own.

I picked the right day to be running around over there as today was the last Farmers Market of the season in our area. Of course, it was the only one that I got to this year. I realized that most of the stands with produce were actually from Michigan. Um... not exactly close by. I did buy some colored popping corn from a farmer about an hour away from us. I also bought a bulb of fennel from a farmer from southern Wisconsin. Closer than Michigan :)

I have never cooked with fennel before but have seen many recipes with it. I just kinda winged it and threw it in with a chuck roast, some carrots, and some mushrooms for a crockpot dinner tonight. I was going to add potatoes but wanted to get the meat cooking so I will just boil the potatoes later and either mash them or mix them in with the veggies later. I seasoned it up with some Montreal steak spice mix and then used veggie broth because I am out of beef stock. I saved the top part of the fennel stalk for use for something else. I did throw in some of the prawns (I think that is what RR calls them) into the crockpot but not too many. I will have to see what I can find to use up the rest of it.

Well I am off to enjoy more of the sunshine. I think I am going to put my book on cd into my cd walkman and go out to work in the yard. It is part of my goal for the week to get the yard cleaned up. Besides I have rambled wayyyy to much :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not much...

Going on around here. I hosted a birthday party at someone else's house so I was working over there Friday and all weekend. Dh had a "moron" moment and kicked something in anger. Don't think that he will be doing that again anytime soon since they are treating his foot like he broke his big toe.So he wasn't able to do much and his attempts actually made me mad because he was supposed to stay off of his foot all weekend.

Last week I was motivated and deep cleaned the kitchen but this week not so much. I need to just get moving and I will be fine but I am mad at myself. Sounds silly but I didn't sleep with my blueberry ( I never do) and I slept in today and missed a call from the Endo. By the time I reached them the open appt had been filled. It just stinks because work has slowed way down this week so I most likely could have taken the opening. Since that is the 3rd call in 2 months I would be really surprised if they call again this week. But I draw the line at sleeping with my phone by my bed. Anyone who needs to reach me in the wee hours knows to call the house. I just really want to get the initial appt over with and it feels crazy to be waiting 4 months.

Well the washer finished so that is a good time to get moving today. I will heat up some leftovers for lunch and will make it a complete comfort food day with some type of casserole for dinner.
I think I will force myself to enjoy some of the sunshine today and at least run to the store if not do yard work too.Anything is better than moping on the couch waiting for calls that probably won't come in.

Updated to add:

One of the nurses from the Ob/Gyn had called earlier today to find out if someone had called yesterday to tell me what the dr had decided. No, they hadn't called and so since she was just double checking she didn't have the info available. That call was at like 11am this morning. She finally called back when I was away from my phone of course to tell me that I have to make a followup appointment. Great... that probably means another 3 weeks. I will call first thing tomorrow to make the appointment as their phones are off for the day now. So... it continues.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

And the 2nd call is a charm

I called the dr's office first thing this morning since it had offically been 4 weeks since my test. A very nice nurse called me back and said " I don't understand what happened... we ordered your chart on Oct 1st so that we could call you with the results and well-- are you sure we didn't call you yet? Not even with the preliminary results?" No, you didn't call me. I have my cell phone with me at all times and that is the number that you call. I even told her that I called last week looking for the results with no response. She was totally confused because she couldn't believe that I had fallen through the cracks.

So... no abnormalities were found in the biopsy. Now I have to wait, hopefully only until tomorrow when the dr is in the office, to determine what the next step is if there is one. She told me during my appt that she didn't want to run blood work because I am going to see the endo but I couldn't get an appt for 4 months. Crazy I know but there aren't that many plain endo's that are accessible through my insurance. I refuse to go back to my old one so I wait because I want to have all my drs at the same clinic if possible. Yes, I am starting to understand that this may not be ideal.

so that is what I know...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All I wanna do is...

BINGE. Dh got a call on the way home... Those friends who were married, um, 78 days ago and moved across country? Well whoops with all the chaos she ended up pregant. Yea... That is the second of dh's friends that ended up becoming pregnant by their 3rd month anniversary. Too bad he got stuck with the dud.

I'm afraid to move because I will lose it. I hate being the person who can't be happy for someone else. It is a vicious cycle of self loathing and I can't seem to get out. Breathing... It is hard right now.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's that time again...

Head over and check out the ebay items for UTERUS.


Monday, October 20, 2008


The first week it was pretty easy to find a distraction as we were still making our way thru old House episodes. The second week we still had it easy since Mario Kart showed up from Gamefly. Last week it was a bit more difficult but I tried several new recipes and even went to a new restaurant. This week... Not so easy. I found one new recipe that we have all the ingrediants for. I have a few books out from the library if I can focus.

There are always house projects to work on but somehow there never seems enough time so why start. I was hoping that Tai chi would help but it stresses me out because it is on Mondays. Not sure why but I would much rather it was on another day.

How do you distract yourself during tough waits?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still Waiting...

In case you are curious, I am still waiting for the test results. I didn't leave the office with the platitude of "No news is good news" this time. There was a definate note that I would hear from the office about the results and then we would see where to go from there because she understands that spotting all the time just for the heck of it isn't really all that pleasant. But... we are over 3 weeks out from the procedure and with 1 phone call in already to get the results, yet, still no news.

Waiting sucks.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Salsa Chicken

I posted over here about our yummy dinner that came out completely different than expected but was a mistake I will probably repeat.

Cabbage, onion, potato dish

I made a variation of this dish the other day. I added mushrooms at the same time that I added the cabbage. I used just regular green cabbage. I also added extra crispy turkey bacon right before serving and used shredded hashbrown potatoes instead of pan fried potatoes.

Well, I think the mushrooms were a good choice but my potato choice failed and I didn't like the turkey bacon texture. I think it might have been better if I had chopped it into really small pieces but I just kinda broke the pieces into bite size chunks and the texture bugged me. I used Jenni-O turkey bacon that was really low fat so that could be part of it also. The flavor that the bacon provided was pretty good but the texture just threw it off for me.

I think I will probably make this again, maybe with the mushrooms, but then use pan fried potatoes or buy a nonstick pan to make the hashbrowns in. DH threw mine out after we had a discussion about the flaking coating and cancer.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

crazy as it sounds

I can't buy new glasses right now because the frames I like are to similar to Sarah Palin's. I was looking at them before she even became a household word but I can't jump on the bandwagon. Ugh... I need to get them before the end of the year.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Grocery Prices

Just participating in a blogger based survey. I have started using coupons again to help stick to the budget but mostly only for items such as canned soup, cereal,snack bars, and tolietries. We don't buy a whole lot of processed foods except those listed above. I have mainly been shopping at SuperTarget, Woodmans, and Sam's/Costco lately with a few stops at the local independent grocer.

Gallon of Milk - $2.99
5lbs potatoes - $2.50 on sale
price per lb for fruit -
apples - $1.49 on sale
oranges - $0.99 each
bananas - $.50lb
grapes - $1.49 on sale
average price for produce (per lb) -
lettuce - I usually buy salad mix when I can find it for $2.50 or less. I bought a two pack of iceberg at Sam's for $1.98
cucumber - 2 for $1.00
tomatoes - $1.49 on sale
carrots - $0.75 for a 1lb bag of whole carrots on sale
box of KD - $1.45 a box... I was shocked and the store brand wasn't much less
frozen corn, small bag, think it is 16oz, $.89 for store brand
coffee tin, 1lb of beans $6.99
toilet paper, 12 double-rolls - $6.99 or $14.00 for 36 double rolls at Sam's

price per lb of
ground beef $2.80 on sale or at Sam's club/Costco. I prefer at Sam's because they have a leaner type available
chicken $5.99 for a 3lb bag of frozen breasts
pork chops $2.49 a lb unless I stop at Jewel when on sale for $1.00 each
ham $5.00 at the deli counter
roast beef $7.00 at the deli counter
block of cheese 8oz block for $1.50
lb of butter or margarine $2.79
pkg of cookies like Oreos $3.50
can of beans $.77 on sale
can of tomatoes $.77 on sale for 14oz but I tend to buy at the local grocer for $.99 for 28oz for store brand
pkg of pasta (put in size) 1lb box of store brand $0.89

The lowest gas price I saw today was $3.44. I filled up Wednesday for $3.59.

Send safe driving thoughts, vibes, prayers, etc

Please send out good thoughts for our friends starting their new life in the Pacific Northwest. They left our fair state at Midnight on Thursday and woke up this morning in Deadwood, SD to Snow. Forecast is that it will be snowing the rest of the weekend and through the remainder of their trip. Last time our best man drove across country he hit 2 deer and totaled his car somewhere west of South Dakota. They need some good thoughts.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tried a new recipe

Tonight I made Jerk Pork and Sweet Potatoes. Recipe and info posted over here.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Debate Insights.... Or Not

* Periwinkle tie... interesting choice. But is the new style only buttoning one button or are they trying to be casual?

* These guys are driving me crazy! They aren't answering the questions very directly and they are taking more time than allowed.

* McCain's not so funny wise cracks and casual remarks are not going over well with me. I don't need to know that he thinks he will need a hair transplant.

* "My Friends" who are his friends?

* Gosh Darnit McCain, answer the damn question and quit making speeches that are not directly related to what your answer should be about.

* Oh again with the different pronunciation. No wonder people think he is Muslim. *Edited to add* That I get that he is saying it the right way and that he is respectful of the country because of that. My question is that why aren't the rest of them making the effort, including his running mate so that he doesn't seem the odd one out and garner unnecessary contempt from the unknowledgeable constituents?

* I thought Ronald Regan was his hero? He talks about him often enough. But no, Teddy Roosevelt is his hero tonight.

* For the record... Holly is still my hero

* Green behind the ears? Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran?

* Now they totally changed the rules!!

* What wise man is going to admit that he has a weak area that he doesn't know how to handle?

* LMAO! Whoops they got in the way the teleprompter! Made Tom Brokaw dance in his seat Hehe

* I gave up... a lot of recycled material and a bunch of attacks on the other which will probably show up as exaggerated tomorrow at

The Doctors

Well, I have hung in there and am still recording this show each day. It still annoys me that it records in HD but it is not shown in HD where we live. I do find myself fast forwarding through most of the kid stuff and most of the pregnancy items. But if I don't do that and just stop watching I would miss things like the episode I watch today that not only talked about pregnancy nutrition but also lasik surgery, tourettes, and sex addiction.

Is anyone else watching this?

Sunday, October 05, 2008


My feed is having issues. Not sure why but bloglines has said for days that it can't find my feed but I found that some are not broken so if you use a blogreader program you might want to check any of the blogger feeds that are showing as broken.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

His give a damn is busted

I get that he is depressed and that his best friend is moving to the otherside of the world (or so it seems) but how the fark do you forget that your spouse is waiting for biopsy results to determine if she has the early stages of cancer...

I try really hard not to blog about our issues but this time I just don't know what to do. He really... doesn't care about anything. He can't even get excited about his team. I'm pretty hurt and I don't know that whatever is broken now between us can be fixed.