Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not much...

Going on around here. I hosted a birthday party at someone else's house so I was working over there Friday and all weekend. Dh had a "moron" moment and kicked something in anger. Don't think that he will be doing that again anytime soon since they are treating his foot like he broke his big toe.So he wasn't able to do much and his attempts actually made me mad because he was supposed to stay off of his foot all weekend.

Last week I was motivated and deep cleaned the kitchen but this week not so much. I need to just get moving and I will be fine but I am mad at myself. Sounds silly but I didn't sleep with my blueberry ( I never do) and I slept in today and missed a call from the Endo. By the time I reached them the open appt had been filled. It just stinks because work has slowed way down this week so I most likely could have taken the opening. Since that is the 3rd call in 2 months I would be really surprised if they call again this week. But I draw the line at sleeping with my phone by my bed. Anyone who needs to reach me in the wee hours knows to call the house. I just really want to get the initial appt over with and it feels crazy to be waiting 4 months.

Well the washer finished so that is a good time to get moving today. I will heat up some leftovers for lunch and will make it a complete comfort food day with some type of casserole for dinner.
I think I will force myself to enjoy some of the sunshine today and at least run to the store if not do yard work too.Anything is better than moping on the couch waiting for calls that probably won't come in.

Updated to add:

One of the nurses from the Ob/Gyn had called earlier today to find out if someone had called yesterday to tell me what the dr had decided. No, they hadn't called and so since she was just double checking she didn't have the info available. That call was at like 11am this morning. She finally called back when I was away from my phone of course to tell me that I have to make a followup appointment. Great... that probably means another 3 weeks. I will call first thing tomorrow to make the appointment as their phones are off for the day now. So... it continues.

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