Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cabbage, onion, potato dish

I made a variation of this dish the other day. I added mushrooms at the same time that I added the cabbage. I used just regular green cabbage. I also added extra crispy turkey bacon right before serving and used shredded hashbrown potatoes instead of pan fried potatoes.

Well, I think the mushrooms were a good choice but my potato choice failed and I didn't like the turkey bacon texture. I think it might have been better if I had chopped it into really small pieces but I just kinda broke the pieces into bite size chunks and the texture bugged me. I used Jenni-O turkey bacon that was really low fat so that could be part of it also. The flavor that the bacon provided was pretty good but the texture just threw it off for me.

I think I will probably make this again, maybe with the mushrooms, but then use pan fried potatoes or buy a nonstick pan to make the hashbrowns in. DH threw mine out after we had a discussion about the flaking coating and cancer.

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