Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Debate Insights.... Or Not

* Periwinkle tie... interesting choice. But is the new style only buttoning one button or are they trying to be casual?

* These guys are driving me crazy! They aren't answering the questions very directly and they are taking more time than allowed.

* McCain's not so funny wise cracks and casual remarks are not going over well with me. I don't need to know that he thinks he will need a hair transplant.

* "My Friends" who are his friends?

* Gosh Darnit McCain, answer the damn question and quit making speeches that are not directly related to what your answer should be about.

* Oh again with the different pronunciation. No wonder people think he is Muslim. *Edited to add* That I get that he is saying it the right way and that he is respectful of the country because of that. My question is that why aren't the rest of them making the effort, including his running mate so that he doesn't seem the odd one out and garner unnecessary contempt from the unknowledgeable constituents?

* I thought Ronald Regan was his hero? He talks about him often enough. But no, Teddy Roosevelt is his hero tonight.

* For the record... Holly is still my hero

* Green behind the ears? Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran?

* Now they totally changed the rules!!

* What wise man is going to admit that he has a weak area that he doesn't know how to handle?

* LMAO! Whoops they got in the way the teleprompter! Made Tom Brokaw dance in his seat Hehe

* I gave up... a lot of recycled material and a bunch of attacks on the other which will probably show up as exaggerated tomorrow at factcheck.org


Me said...

Obama's pronunciation of Pakistan is the correct one.

Deb said...

I know.. what gets me is that since he is trying to be correct-why aren't the others even Biden?

Kristi said...

Are you kidding? Most americans have the stuck-up notion that we're above pronouncing the names of other countries correctly, like they're all beneath us. Drives me bonkers!

Deb said...

Yes, but shouldn't the people that are going to hold the highest offices in this nation be more considerate? Especially after the diplomatic disaster of a President we have dealt with for 8 years? I get if McCain/Palin don't want to upstage W but Biden should be on the same page as his running mate.

I have heard that statement from more than one person since the last debate. People from differing socio-economic backgrounds and areas of our state. It just irritates me that people react that way.

Kristi said...

Oh I totally agree with you. I was just remarking on the superior attitude I notice so many people having. Being proud of your country is one thing, but doing so at the expense of other people (not governments) is another.