Monday, August 25, 2008

My new hero

I have been preoccupied with many things lately and forgot to blog about my new hero. I really need a boost today so I want to share about a woman named Holly.

Holly is a petite, older woman who works at Wrigley Field. She is in crowd management. Holly runs up and down the stairs of her section making the fans feel welcome. She tries to greet everyone and she makes a point to know which seats are filled and who is sitting in them for each home game. She works in a section that gets sun for a good portion of the day and doesn't bat an eye. She is an easy to smile woman and very outgoing. She makes a point to talk to each of the people in her section if she can. She trys to point out fans to the vendors if people have been trying to get a hotdog or a beer without any luck. The vendors are very active in her section and so is Holly. She does all this with an oxygen tank on her back. I don't know what her health issues are but I really hope to see Holly at the convention if we go this year or at a game next year. She really brightened our experience a few weeks ago and I was happy to see that she was running around the same way yesterday. I tried to get a picture but yesterday we were in the nose bleed seats with a great view... except for me who promised to sit behind the pole. I just couldn't see left field but I could see Holly running up and down the steps during the game.

I wish I could tell her that she is my new hero... maybe she will find this post.

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dh said...

Yah... Game was great, discussion was great during dinner, definitely isn't a high point that they're moving to WA -- I finally got to know him better again, and he'll be gone.


I still didn't see the pink hat guy.