Monday, August 25, 2008

And just when things were looking up a bit...

I was getting ready to post about the fun time we had at the Cubs game yesterday with our friends that have decided to move to Washington State within the next 6 weeks (they just decided within the last 30 days to do it) and how it was bittersweet that after all this time my dh's best friend finally is part of a couple and I enjoy spending time with her... when I get a text from my sis that my 6 year old niece is having hallucinations again. There is no break for her... please, if you are a good vibe, praying, healthy thoughts kind of person, if you wouldn't mind sending some her way I would really appreciate it. My niece is on the austism spectrum and has epilepsy. She just had surgery on the 14th and had a bit of a rough recovery but she was back in her routine and feeling much better. Her meds were working at controlling her seizures so this is not a good sign as it could mean more time in the hospital to control her meds if it is a reaction.

Updated: Just got the text message that they are admitting her but no info about what the issue is... I think this is the 4th hospital admission for her this year alone. She is only 6.

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