Monday, August 18, 2008

Today's LOL Moment and cooking flub

DH flipped on the Olympics at my request because it said that there was a Gymnastics final. When he flipped it on it was Women's Beach Volleyball. The first thing that we saw were two women with Bra across their chest. My response... "Well duh, yes you are wearing that" Umm... yes, I failed to read the bottom of the screen that showed it was the country designation for Brazil. Couldn't they have found a different abbreviation? Yes, I know, they speak Portuguese but someone has to know at bit of English.

I decided to attempt eggplant tempura again. However, I forgot to figure out tempura dough so I decided to use the heart healthy Bisquick the way that my MIL uses regular Bisquick to fry fish. She just uses the flour to coat the fillets and doesn't make it into a dough.Last time I made dough to dip the eggplant in... we didn't even finish the eggplant, uh, pancakes. So I salted the eggplant to release some moisture and some bitterness. And, then, I salted it again. Mind you, I don't have a salt shaker just the big ol' container and well, the first time I used my hand to measure... the second time just uh... poured. I went about getting other things started. Squeezed out the water from the eggplant when the oil was ready, shook it up in a paper bag filled with Bisquick and got to it (I forgot to add pepper, whoops). I was using bamboo tongs and somehow managed to place them down on the edge of the burner when I was stirring the pasta. So end result... salty but tasty but really salty fried eggplant and burned tongs. But, at least I cooked at home tonight. A task that has been rare around here lately. I think we have eaten out 11 times in the last two weeks.

And now, I will end this before I start ranting about my husband and our labor day plans... Good Night! :)

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