Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One wierd and long day...

* My mom has a tampon in her nose after an uncontrollable nose bleed in the middle of the night.

* She can't wear her glasses because she has to hold them in place to focus correctly

* She can't go to work until she can wear her glasses

* The doctor refuses to see her to remove it until Friday

* The nurse told her that he may decide to leave it in until Monday

* All she did was scratch an itch

* I found out she went to the er via text message

* My aunt was told that even with Tamoxifen she has a lump in her other breast now that is definitely cancer

* The doctor wouldn't give her any idea of a treatment plan after she waited 14 days for the results of the biopsy

* She is joking that chemo and a mastectomy will at least allow her to lose weight

* My husband spilled boiling water all over his dominant hand

* He was cooking ramen

* His boss made him go to the er when he still couldn't do anything 3 hours later because of the pain

* I missed a deadline to pick him up from the er

* We didn't eat until 8pm

* when I got home the toilet wouldn't stop running

* It is the new one

* My husband went to get a glass of water and stepped in some weird black gunk on the kitchen floor.

* It smelled like soy sauce and was coming from the fridge

* The soy sauce bottle was upright and the shelf was clean under the bottle

* My hip pain and I had to pull out the fridge and crawl on the floor to clean it up

* I still am not sure that it was soy sauce

* Jimmy John's forgot the cucumber on my sandwich

* I was too lazy to go cut some and just whined about it

* I still don't have my ultrasound results but my pap was normal

* I don't understand why when my hip pain flares, I am spotting

* No one seems to care about that fact

* Today I am so not the sympathetic wife

* I need to put antibiotic cream on my husband's hand

* First I am going to try and smile to my liver


Lollipop Goldstein said...

The last line made me completely crack up. I'm so sorry that there has been so much happening lately.

Deb said...

Thanks lolli... I had to explain the last line to my dh. He just kinda looked at me ;)