Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Convention quandries

Wasn't there a time when the convention discussion and commentary didn't stop the networks from showing most of the speeches, even if they weren't from the most popular people?

There were two speeches that I wanted to see but couldn't because all of the networks had commentary on instead of focusing on the speaker at the podium. If you haven't watched the video of Deval Patrick's speech yet, it is worth watching even though he didn't raise the sound meter loud enough to have them switch over. It was a very good speech and both Biden and Michelle Obama gave him a standing ovation.

The other speech I wanted to see was Dennis Kucinich. It was okay. It was a bit disappointing to me as it seemed like a complete rehash of everything he has always said. No biggie but it did get the noise up on the floor.

I realize that you can watch all of the speeches realtime over the Internet but ya know... I have better things to do with my bandwidth at times. Hmmm... I wonder if Cspan will be broadcasting all of the speeches tonight. They have Melissa Etheridge on right now when none of the others do. I thought we checked it last night but who knows... I know we checked 5 channels for Deval Patrick.


Viewing tonight:

Bill Clinton
Maybe John Kerry
Joe Biden

I am glad today was a day game so I don't have to deal with flipping back and forth to the Cubs game, but last night we missed some good parts of both the game and the convention so it is fair right?:) Personally, I love to find really enthusiastic delegates that are dressed in umm.... eccentric outfits. Dh was having fun with that too... Maybe there will be some worthy of live blogging? teeheehee

I really should go start dinner since DH is home now--- whoops!

Updated: If you live in Illinois, you might want to check out Tammy Duckworth's speech. They are speculating that she will be Obama's Senate successor if he is elected President for his remaining time in office. The part that we saw was pretty good but I need to find time to go back and watch it in it's entirity.

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Cool. I can post from my bb. Go cubs!