Friday, August 22, 2008

Moving forward...

My mom went to the dr today and they took the contraption out of her nose. Now she can get back to work and get some sleep. Too bad it couldn't have been a more relaxing break for her but I am glad that the bleeding is stopped. Now she just has to keep her nostrils moist so that the bleeding doesn't restart. Things we take for granted right? Moist nostrils...

Monty's hand is starting to feel better. He said that he actually was able to put the antibiotic cream on without wincing in pain today so that is something for which to be grateful. The burn covers a good portion of the top of his hand and extends past his wrist.

I finally called and got the results of my ultrasound. The doctor hasn't officially reviewed the report yet and the nurse was honest when she said she had no clue why. However, the only thing of note in the report was that my lining was too thick for the day in the cycle. It was cycle day 8 and my lining was at 9mm. I haven't been able to find much online about what is considered normal or not. My guess is that she will at least want another endometrial biopsy but I am hoping that she will do a hysterscopy at the same time. I did find it odd that the tech asked me if I had ever had a d&c for the abnormal spotting. People at risk for having an overgrowth of the lining...

Severe weight problem
High Blood Pressure

Gee... I see me x3 in there. So just another motivation to move a bit more.

On that note, even though I have One inspection I could do, I am going to turn off the computer for the day and head out to do some long overdue cleaning/laundry. Besides, if my supervisor can be dreaming about spending megabucks on a TV and new accessories when there is no work, I can push off the tiny bit of work I do have to Monday.

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