Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It never fails that when we are on a downward spiral and things start looking up again, something else comes up. DH is not recovering very well from his appendectomy. He is having an issue with pain and a lump in an incision. He may also be dealing with some other issues but he is very uncomfortable all the way around. I went and got my mammo done. Since I was there I figured I might as well do a wrist mri too... oh wait, it was the other way around :P I see the hand doctor on Friday to get the results as I am still in as much and usually more pain as I was when DH first pushed me out of bed in July. I'm sure that so much driving and typing hasn't helped so I have been trying to reduce my nonwork computer time but that isn't always possible.

Trying to be thankful about all the little things and trying to not freak out about all the bills that are coming in for medical issues and car repairs. It just makes me want to try to find a different job even though we are busy. At least then we might have a steady income instead of never knowing what is going to be coming in each month. I'm honestly tired of worrying about it even as I had to authorize $800 in repairs on my car today and that is before the brakes are replaced :( It has to get better right? There has to be an upswing on this at some point. I firmly believe that.