Wednesday, September 20, 2006


There are many times I hate the fact that I am of childbearing age. Especially since I can't seem to bear why the pain??? blah!!!

back cramps suck!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Library Finds

I have rediscovered the library recently. Sounds crazy to rediscover it but let's just say, I don't do well with deadlines and racked up a big fine. I was embarrassed and didn't want to go back but now our library has this new system that will actually email you your due dates on everything. It also tells you when your requests are in and I get text messages sent to my cell phone when my requests come in also. How cool is that? Makes managing due dates a bit easier plus I am more aware of the fact I have the items checked out. Sounds strange but sometimes library books just become part of the regular clutter in the house. Bad, I know, but we live in a cluttered house and have actually worked it down to a much more manageable level. Most of it is my fault anyways. I just seem to gather a lot of crap. Most of it is just that...crap with nothing that is that meaningful. Ah...anyways!

Paperclips a documentary about a small town school that managed a big social awareness project. They built a memorial for holocaust victims. I have added Whitewell, TN to the list of places to visit. The movie was a bit longer than it needed to be but well worth it. If you like documentaries, check it out!

Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston was a quick read about a woman who is pregnant and gets put on bed rest (what else right?). It was a good fluff book that had some interesting turns.

The Girls by Lori Lansens is a fiction novel about conjoined twins. While I picked this title based on a review by another blogger, I guess I wasn't really paying attention as I was suprised about the subject matter. This book was not just a fluff read. The book was a fun read but was very thought provoking at times. I laughed, I cried, I got angry...all what a good fiction book should do to me.

I have a few others but I can't remember the title to two dvd's and can't find the file on my laptop the moment so more to come later. Off to read...
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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Welcome to my new blog!