Tuesday, August 05, 2008

GYN appt...

So I guess I should face the music on this one. I had my annual checkup last week. It took me a few days to process the information and the lack of progress. You see, my GYN stated that there is pretty much no reason to do an HSG because my hormones are so out of whack that even if everything fell into place I won't get pregnant or stay pregnant. Since I can't take BCP due to my blood pressure the only way that my hormones will get regulated is by losing weight. Yep... it all comes down to me being fat again.

I do have a pelvic ultrasound scheduled for Monday just to make sure that there isn't anything where it isn't supposed to be and we shall go from there. Maybe when those results come back I can ask about looking further since this constant spotting is driving me nuts. Or as she calls it "excessive mensturation".

So she requested that I go see an endo to see what else can be done and to have all the labs updated through them... however? Since I was concerned about insurance issues I didn't schedule the appointment until after this one and guess what? The first available isn't until the week before Christmas. While the wait is less than it was last time I tried to get into this doctor, it still seems crazy to wait that long. I could call my old endo and get in within 2 weeks but I can't do that... I just can't! He and his office drive me nuts and stress me out. They are so disorganized. so what to do? Try and find another endo outside of this clinic? I find it hard to believe that they only have one endo when they have about 20 internal med doctors and 10 family practice. The other clinic had one endo and 6 doctors and he still had a hefty patient load.

I'm on the cancellation list... maybe after this wedding coming up I will search for a new one but right now I have to scramble to get caught up and then clean the house for the pet sitter.

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Kristi said...


I'm avoiding my general doc. She'll just yell at me again. :(

I did go to a new ob/gyn and so far I really like her! She's a tiny little blond gal who looks much younger than I'm sure she is. She was kind, thorough, made sure all of my questions were answered and gave me a pep talk rather than the "tough love" from my other doc.

I hope you can find someone you like.