Thursday, July 31, 2008

Because I am lazy...

I have lots of things I should be blogging about but I am just too lazy at the moment and don't want to face the emotions. So I pose this question instead-

Why does California always get the cool laws/legal decisions?


Kristi said...

While I certainly wouldn't want to pay, them, why are they illegal? You sign a contract, and if you break that contract or drop out early, there should be a penalty. There are monetary penalties with lots of other contracts, so why not phones? And I agree that they shouldn't be able to make that kind of law just for CA when the phone companies are nationwide.

Deb said...

I don't like cell phone contracts. Part of the reason is the fee to get out of the contract. If you sign up in good faith thinking that you are going to receive proper customer service but then it turns out that the company is crappy or that their service maps are just not as accurate as they made them out to be you have no recourse. Plus, why are they allowed to make you extend your contract or pay an outrageous fee if the equipment that you paid good money for breaks before the end of the agreement? Or you have to move due to employment reasons and you need a different local number? I don't have to sign a contract for home phone service why should I have to sign one for the cell phone service? When they first came out I understood that they needed to make sure that they had people locked in to continue their service but these days everyone has a cell phone. I would change to pay as you go but unfortunately that doesn't make good financial sense because of the amount of minutes I use per month for my employment.

I hope that this judgement is headway into eliminating the service contracts for cell phones in the future.

FWIW, we didn't change from cableTV because of the contracts necessary for the dish providers.