Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And we're Baaacck...

Well, we have been back for a few days. Short trip up to a spot in northwestern Wisconsin to catch some fish. I didn't fish but I ate the goods. I also observed the fish filleting process for the first time. It was quite interesting and probably something I could learn to do if need be. Though, I would prefer that DH would visit places that do all the work for you but well, this is a family tradition.

I didn't go out on the boat as my FIL was a bit more bitchy this time around plus he made some comments to my DH about his brother so I didn't want to have the same thing happen that he was talking about which most likely would have. They don't have a public dock that we know about on that lake and it is frustrating because the pier at the resort is near the weeds so it doesn't lend itself to much fishing.

We normally go out for lunch everyday but ended up going out for lunch only one day to a new restaurant and we went out another afternoon to a local winery. It was really neat but I wasn't in the mood to go on the tour because we were worried about time to get back for dinner. The same thing happened the day before but it was even more silly because we were near the KFC where we were picking up dinner from but since I had turned off their cell phone we couldn't just go to a movie and then pick up dinner on the way home because there would have been drama. That is part of the vacation that I don't like... that we are reporting to others for meals. DH wants to try and get our own space next year so that we can say no to meals and have a bit of freedom to do other stuff but I doubt that will happen. Since there won't be too many more years of this it really isn't that big of a deal but it is just frustrating when they are both cranky and hollering at each other all the time. What is the worst for me is when they holler at my husband. They don't holler at me very often.. only a few choice times that are really silly usually but they holler at him all the time and they make him feel bad about himself which is way worse. I told him that this was the last time and well... I doubt that will happen either. I am sure that even if we can't find our own space that we will go up there anyhow and just deal with it since it is only a few days out of the year. But...those few days can be toxic when you are dealing with someone who is trying to build his self esteem and then he is faced with someone who is tearing him down only because they can.

Anyhow... things are strange around here. Trying to get back into the swing of work. I have a family member who has a medical crisis that needs surgery but can't seem to get on the schedule. It is frustrating because his surgery impacts me both in regards to just being a family member but also impacts my work schedule. Plus... since it isn't booked yet, I had to give up the idea of booking a pretty big surprise for DH for our anniversary. He now knows about part of it but not the whole plan but it doesn't matter because it doesn't look like I can pull it off now anyhow. Frustrating because I often feel like we put aside what we would like to do so that we can work around others schedules but I don't know what else to do in this case... he is going to be off of work for 4-6 weeks most likely. Plus without the surgery scheduled yet, it could actually be scheduled for that week which means that I will need to cover the phones so that everyone else can be at the hospital... yes, everyone that works in my office is related to me in one way or another. Not an ideal situation but I don't really have much of a choice now as I made the decision to work in this industry 5 years ago and going out on my own might be looked at as an insult at this point. At least we do have some non family back up contractors so that is a good thing.

So... enough of my rambling... we are back and guess we are not going to the agency intros tonight since we haven't talked about it yet. Oh well... We'll get this all handled at some point I am sure. Off to make sausage pasta salad for dinner~~

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