Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Winter is coming-

Today has been an interesting day so far. DH had a followup visit with his PCP for the injury to his foot when he struck out in anger the other day. No breaks so that is good news. The dr wanted to know what else was going on and since this anger is related to his overall mood lately, he was honest with him and told him how he has been feeling. He walked out with a prescription so it is a start. He didn't talk about talk therapy but I am still thinking that we should probably take the leap and talk to someone together if not alone. It is just a scary move to make and realistically how do you find a counselor? I don't even know. Our insurance coverage changed so we don't have a direct number for mental health questions anymore so I guess I will have to scour their website to find out how to go about it. Just another thing to procrastinate on right? While he was in the appointment I called for the followup appointment and was somehow able to score an appointment for first thing tomorrow morning. I am not complaining.

After his appointment we went out to breakfast to a place that is near our old apartment. We don't go there often but it is really yummy. They are relatively inexpensive and their portions are super huge. Neither one of us finished our breakfast and really it wasn't food that you would take home so that is frustrating. I didn't make the best choice but it was definitely different and yummy. I had a bacon waffle. Waffle with bacon in the batter and bacon on top. I wasn't expecting that much bacon but yummo. I had one scrambled egg on the side but it looked like 2 eggs. I still made a point to eat the protein food so I wouldn't feel so bad about it.

When we were finished, I ran to the Aldi down the street. It really has been awhile since I have actually shopped for some essentials. I walked out with a bunch of stuff that we needed but I don't think I have ever spent that much there. I did buy a pie plate that has handles though and a cute tempered glass cutting board for the counter. Plus I bought three different types of meat so that raises the total right there. I always like to see what new things they have and was surprised that they made quite a few packaging changes. I am annoyed though by the change they made to their broth products. They now come in the wax paper quarts that a lot of brands do and that is fine but the ones that they use are not labeled as recyclable. Not a huge deal but since I typically don't cook with a quart of broth at a time except for chicken, I didn't get any. I will stick to the cans I can find elsewhere for beef stock or try and figure out how to make my own.

I picked the right day to be running around over there as today was the last Farmers Market of the season in our area. Of course, it was the only one that I got to this year. I realized that most of the stands with produce were actually from Michigan. Um... not exactly close by. I did buy some colored popping corn from a farmer about an hour away from us. I also bought a bulb of fennel from a farmer from southern Wisconsin. Closer than Michigan :)

I have never cooked with fennel before but have seen many recipes with it. I just kinda winged it and threw it in with a chuck roast, some carrots, and some mushrooms for a crockpot dinner tonight. I was going to add potatoes but wanted to get the meat cooking so I will just boil the potatoes later and either mash them or mix them in with the veggies later. I seasoned it up with some Montreal steak spice mix and then used veggie broth because I am out of beef stock. I saved the top part of the fennel stalk for use for something else. I did throw in some of the prawns (I think that is what RR calls them) into the crockpot but not too many. I will have to see what I can find to use up the rest of it.

Well I am off to enjoy more of the sunshine. I think I am going to put my book on cd into my cd walkman and go out to work in the yard. It is part of my goal for the week to get the yard cleaned up. Besides I have rambled wayyyy to much :)

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Kristi said...

Can't go wrong with bacon! ;)

I would imagine that your insurance has some kind of referral service for counselors. If not, let me know, and I have a number you can call (you just have to say that you're a friend of mine and that I referred you). I can't say enough how much I think counseling can help, and how surprised I was that it helped ME that much. I had no clue what to say or do going in but I have never regretted it for an instant.