Thursday, October 23, 2008

And the 2nd call is a charm

I called the dr's office first thing this morning since it had offically been 4 weeks since my test. A very nice nurse called me back and said " I don't understand what happened... we ordered your chart on Oct 1st so that we could call you with the results and well-- are you sure we didn't call you yet? Not even with the preliminary results?" No, you didn't call me. I have my cell phone with me at all times and that is the number that you call. I even told her that I called last week looking for the results with no response. She was totally confused because she couldn't believe that I had fallen through the cracks.

So... no abnormalities were found in the biopsy. Now I have to wait, hopefully only until tomorrow when the dr is in the office, to determine what the next step is if there is one. She told me during my appt that she didn't want to run blood work because I am going to see the endo but I couldn't get an appt for 4 months. Crazy I know but there aren't that many plain endo's that are accessible through my insurance. I refuse to go back to my old one so I wait because I want to have all my drs at the same clinic if possible. Yes, I am starting to understand that this may not be ideal.

so that is what I know...


Me said...

At least it's something... I hope the doc has more (and good) info for you.

Kristi said...

I'm so glad it wasn't bad news!!!