Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why I must be the most pathetic person alive...

Today I POAS. Why? Well, I am constipated, constantly spotting, have a stuffy nose that won't go away, weird stomach twinges have been occurring on a regular basis, and have noticed a "hard spot" in my stomach occasionally. Don't bother to remind me that I have so much abdominal fat that I could probably never find a hard "baby" spot if I ever did get pregnant, the fact that I have been on BCP for 2.5 months, and the lack of BD'ing anytime recently. But, I was holding out hope that since I have been spotting since the end of my period in pack 2 and now the same in pack 3, that it must not be working so a positive was possible. Of course, just like the 100's of others, it was negative.

I'm holding out hope that by the end of this pack the daily spot will be over... if not gone by the middle of week 2 in pack 4, I'm calling the nurse. The only reason I am waiting that long is that all over the Internet you find advice that it takes 3 full months to get it together sometimes.

It's been a rough year... thank goodness it is over in 11 days and 3 hours.

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