Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crabby Patty's

My "bad" mood of the last ooo week or so finally has a reason. AF showed her face. Not the 40+ cycle of last month so that is good but still a few days late. I wasn't panicking though this time and didn't even test.

We decided on a contractor for our bathroom. I can only hope that we made the right decision. I think it will be okay. He has worked in our subdivision before that is a big plus because we have cheaply built homes and not everything makes sense. If someone at least knows that ahead of time, things tend to go easier. Plus it will be good to have another local contractor to rely on instead of just the one that we normally use. We didn't have him bid the job because I honestly thought he had gone out of business but we saw him at our neighbors the other day. When the time comes he is going to install the new siding on the house. I just wish that we could plow through all of this stuff and spend everything we can now to get as much done. We probably should have done that before but the money is going to be spent eventually. It is so hard to balance it out though in our house because there are issues inside and out. I still think part of the reason our neighbors hate us is because the outside of our house is ugly but what can we do.

Someone is mowing their lawn behind us.... how much you want to bet..... eh, oh well, the south yards have been growing faster. DH will hopefully be able to do the first trim at least this weekend as the grass around the fence has grown in much faster than the rest of the yard. If he won't, then I will have to find time to do it......... and then be pissed off again.

I threw some black beans in the crockpot this morning. I have rice cooking up in the cooker with some rotel. I hope that dinner comes out yummy!

Have a happy rest of the hump day!

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Billy said...

Hope you're feeling better.