Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coming Clean

I haven't been doing too well lately. Not with exercising, food intake, or emotional well being you could say. My DH told me that I am overly anxious lately and I am hoping that once I am back on my blood pressure pills that might end. But I am sure that part of it is related to my weight, my work being overwhelming again, and the prospect of our friends baby.

I am hosting an online baby shower for her and getting information out of her husband is like pulling teeth. I have the site almost done so I am just going to send it off to him and have him send it out to whoever. DH and I are considering heading out there for that weekend so that we can help and see them one more time before the baby comes. We will be going out there at some point after she arrives also but haven't figured that out yet.

I made an appointment to see a foot doctor for Monday. I went to my GP yesterday and asked him where to start. He said to start with podiatry(sp) because they do specialize in the foot and ankle. If it is over their head they will refer me to ortho which is in the same office. I haven't been working out because my ankle is in constant pain. I can't live like this if there is a chance that they can fix it or at least alleviate part of the problem. I just hope that it doesn't resort to surgery because I will have to wait until the fall, even if they give me an "it will get worse and may not be fixable then" type of speech. I can't take that much time off of work and we have a family vacation at the end of June.

I hope that by addressing this long term issue with my ankle, I can get out of my funk. I still know that I need to control my eating and get back to posting things on my weightloss blog but what I want most is to go for a walk and not be in pain for the rest of the day.


supportive dh said...

Don't forget that I'm here to support you

Carrie said...

Sorry you are feeling out of sorts. It is so horrible when things overwhelm and there seems to be no answer.

I hope you get back on the level soon.