Saturday, April 11, 2009


Working too much these days. Hate to say it but I have managed to watch the entire Sliders series off of Netflix while working. As everyone says, the first 3 seasons were the best but I didn't find it too terrible until the end of the 5th season. Plus I watched Nemesis Rising the Jacob and Joshua story or something, about two gay brothers trying to make it in the music business. Not that great... don't waste your time.

What else... Oh yea, I watched Dangerous Beauty. It was a historical movie about Courtesans and was pretty good. I also watched a classic Cary Grant movie that had me laughing quite a bit.

Dh doesn't understand how I can work and watch at the same time but I choose things carefully. If the storyline is too detailed that I can't do it since I am working and trying to sort out reports. But it really is no different than listening to the radio and then staring off into space for a few minutes when you are trying to concentrate on what they are saying.

Anyhow... nothing exciting around here.

Have a wonderful Easter!


Ann said...

LOL I am trying to get all those Slider watched too. I am in season 2, just finished the 3rd DVD and waiting for more. I am doing it through blockbuster and they don't have that 5 season. I saw the first two when it was orginally on but it's been so long again they are like new to me. I hope you have had a wonderful Easter.

Deb said...

Thanks Ann. I hope you had a good Easter also. I haven't been able to comment on your blog since January... I keep getting a "comment submission error--invalid request"

Kristin said...

I loved Sliders. What was it about season 5 that turned you off?

Deb said...

Ann: Netflix doesn't offer Season 5 on dvd either, it is only available through the instant watching. Not sure if Blockbuster has that feature or not. If you don't know what happens in the rest of the seasons, don't read any further because there is a bit of a spoiler ;)

Kristin: I didn't really like Mallory. He had too many "Duh moments" and was a pretty poor replacement for the others in my opinion. I didn't have issues really with the other storylines like so many others, just was put off by his storyline and acting at times. It was defintely not my favorite season :) I do like that there was closure with Wade in that season so I felt that they did that well.