Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, I was hoping to spend today getting caught up with work since my inital appointment got cancelled due to attorney review delays. Gotta love that ;) But all of a sudden out of the blue, this woman who I have 4 orders for her properties calls after 2.5 weeks or more of being on hold..."I'm ready now and it is a RUSH because my interest rates expire in a week". CRAAAPPP. I am managing about double the normal load right now and I was glad she was on hold. So no such luck of spending the entire day catching up. Hopefully, I will put a dent in it while I wait for Roger Clemens to testify. I am soooo ready for spring, this wacky weather is really getting to me this year for some reason.

Today, though, the sun is shining! And for that... I am thankful.

Happy 13th... The day between two holidays around here :)


jp said...
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jp said...

Thanks for checking in on my beta and for your good thoughts. I have your blog on an RSS list. If you tell me how to do blog lines I will do it!
(sorry for the first deletion, I get a little compulsive about my own typos!!)