Monday, February 18, 2008

Hanging in there

Things have been really crazy around here lately. Work has been taking up most of my time... the house is a mess and well, food choices haven't been the best. But, I am trying. I go to the dr tomorrow to follow up on the HBP pills and such. I haven't been that diligent about checking it lately. My weight has been up and down. As soon as I announced I had lost 6lbs since Jan 1st... 4 came back from salt and such.

My birthday passed in a work numbed frenzy. We didn't do anything on the day but dh did stop and get some good takeout for dinner. We didn't do anything for Valentine's day really...I had planned some things but they were toned down with the shooting at DH's alma mater. He may have graduated from there but I have many memories of that campus long before I met him. Anyhow...

Saturday we took the day and went downtown. We decided to go to breakfast at a place we have been interested in trying for over a year. We timed it well as we only had a 10 minute wait for a table and the food came out quickly. I had an egg white omlette and DH had a spinach and feta omlette. The sweet potato hashbrowns were interesting. Most likely, we will make it a place to stop when we are headed downtown but we won't be making any special trips just for breakfast anytime soon. However, I do want to try their turkey burger.

After breakfast we headed to Millenium Park to see this exhibit. I haven't found a whole lot of photos on the web of the exhibit when it first opened. We have had a crazy thaw and freeze then repeat cycle lately. The exhibit has degraded since it opened. Here is a photo of the last section on the right that DH saw a monkey in the ice.

There were some other interesting sights at the park and I will share those later. After Millenium park we drove down to the Museum of Science and Industry to see a few exhibits of my choice that we had missed and one that was only there for the weekend. More about that later...

Better get back to work!

May the bitter cold pass you up these next few days!

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