Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thank Goodness...

DH helped my parents out yesterday and went with my step dad to pick up my mom from the ER so that he could drive her car home as her company just moved into a new office on Tuesday. Nothing like a bit a craziness! He took the train from their station to ours (so grateful we are on the same line) and then we ran to pick up dinner. I was going to make tacos but after a craptastic day I really didn't want to dirty any dishes.

When we got home, there was definate improvement in our kitty. He had the anti-inflammatory meds at 2:30ish and by 7:30 was actually willing to walk more. He also started eating right before we got home or when we got home which was a really good thing. We didn't give him any extra food last night because we were worried he would get sick so today we will feed him slowly.

This morning he is very talkative but he didn't jump up on the bed. No biggie... I would rather he didn't anyhow :)

Off to enjoy the 2-4 inches of rain we are supposed to get today! Yay!!!

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Kristi said...

I'm so glad to here that your kitty is doing better! I've heard Cleo scream, so I know how that sound can scare the buhjeebers out of you!

Sorry I missed you tonight. I was sitting at Wal Mart at that time waiting for them to repair a slow leak in a tire, and I didn't have enough juice left in my 'berry to IM.