Friday, September 26, 2008

Observations from the debate

* Some people will vote for Obama simply because he is taller and thinner than McCain

* Some people will vote for McCain simply because he is older

* They both like red ties

* Obama really shouldn't look down when facing forward because he looks a bit evil when he looks down a bit

*McCain whistles whilst he talks da dadadada da

* Oh how sad, Ted Kennedy is in the hospital again.

* Accountability... what a notion

* McCain is going to veto more bills then ever before-- great, that isn't going to cause a backlog of anykind now is it?

* Republicans built big government? I thought they hated government.

* Oh BAMA... China prerecorded their accomplishments. Probably not a good idea to talk about their space walk

* OOO... Obama got to say alternative energy first, nanananana

* That was cruel... I thought McCain was moderate so he could reach that far to the left-

* Oooo Moderator getting a bit pissy...

* Damn M, you didn't even eat bacon why the heck do your farts smell like BLT's?

* Google for government...

* Spending Freeze? what the heck. Ooo like the hatchet/scalpel analogy

* Backwards slow motion is not a good look for Obama

* Nuclear Winter sure would be a way to effect Climate Change

* The whistling it is killing me... I'm sorry, I know that is mean but sheesh... I hope it is just the microphone here.

* Orgy of spending? Tough to swallow? Is my mind in the gutter?

* The smirk about his maverick partner creeped me out a bit

* Why am I not using twitter for this? Oh yea, because I haven't really set it up yet and no one would be able to read it.

* Would have been? I didn't think that we really won in Iraq yet since we are still there.......

* BAMA we can't change it now, so quit focusing on what we should have done.

* Whoops WMOD's mentioned

* Wait a second, I thought that those
troops weren't given a choice to leave when their
time was up... they were told they needed
to delay their return.

*Are they sticking to the rules?

* Wait a second... BinLaden is still out. Did he mean Saddam?

* Oh ok, he just cleared that up

* I wish they really had resolved Iraq

* He has been saying that we need more troops? Seriously Obama wants
more troops?

* Oh damn, we can drink our first shot 9/11

* Uh oh... Someone is going to get mad about the differences of pronunciation of Pakistan

* Hey McCain, where's your flag pin?

* Mccain's hero is Reagan?

* Okay... McCain seriously is not looking about Obama. I know he has issues
with his neck and shoulders but he is not even glancing at him when Obama is talking.
Something seems a bit disrespectful there, especially since Obama is trying to be engaged
while listening.

* Again with the bracelet!

* He is staring straight ahead. He isn't even trying to be an engaged listener. Yet, the little digs come out on things that don't matter

*Being silent, It didn't work in Cuba either

*Way to dodge the question McCain. No response on Spain huh?

* Obama seems to be the more even tempered person tonight

* Somewhere I heard that the meeting on the financial crisis turned into a screaming match
I'm thinking McCain was the screamer

*Guess we should have made "walk the walk" the shot cue

*or maybe Nuclear

* 2,3,4,5, shots again

* too bad there is no alcohol in these shots :)

* 6,

* Definitely Nuclear would have been a shot cue

* Obama didn't even say 9/11 in the entire debate, even during the 9/11 question

* ooo he almost looked at Obama

* Obama = Bush on the stubborn scale?

* Yet, he was not the one being stubborn that he was right in this debate

* Hmmm... did McCain just steal Hilary's line?

* Okay Fonzie, Good Job but too bad you couldn't give your opponent some respect


Kristi said...

ROFL!! I love your debate commentary! I would've thought that "economy" would've been the shot cue. ;) Obviously I did not watch - I despise debates.

bethkyle said...

I think it was better for me to listen and not watch, but I think you caught most of the questions and oddities that I heard. :) Great commentary. LOL