Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A symbol is sometimes just as strong as words

In a blog circle that I frequent, there is a symbol that they use to indicate that they were there, thinking of the writer, and that the words have been said or there are none at the moment. It is a very thoughtful gesture and it is better than noting an ip address on a site meter. Besides, when someone is struggling, they most likely are not checking their stats for new addresses.

The symbol that this blog circle uses is called a blog stone. It is simply (o). The creator of symbol was inspired by the tradition of leaving a stone at a grave site to let others know that they were there.

I wonder if there would be a symbol that would be appropriate for Infertility? Something that would say, I am here, I am sending you strength, and the words have been said or are fleeting.

Just a thought.


Dreamer4agift said...

(o)...I like the idea. Sometimes words don't work, only the presence of knowing someone is there and cares....(o)

Me said...

Neat idea!