Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wasting the day away

Boy, I don't ever learn do I. We are once again, wasting away a Saturday. I did clean up some stuff, cleaned out some cleaning supplies and posted them on freecycle, started a list of books read in 2007, and I made a spreadsheet to track exercise minutes for a friendly wager I have with a family member. I finally ate but it was cereal and not the best choice I'm guessing but I ate. Blah! So, as soon as Six Feet Under is over (I have seen all the episodes all ready), I vow to get up off the couch and accomplish something else for the day. What that will be--- your guess is as good as mine!

Have a good day!

PS: Google spreadsheets is really cool. It works almost like excel and umm...better yet it is free!

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Kristi said...

LOL I have a hard time getting any ambition until I HAVE to (i.e. company coming over). Heck, I'm just lazy. :D