Sunday, January 28, 2007

And the Results are....

Yes, I did get up off of the couch when I said I would yesterday. I had decided that I would at least go to the gym but I didn't get there until 2.5 hours or so later. Before the gym, both of our dressers got cleaned out of clothes that don't fit or that really needed to be tossed. I cleaned out the closet also and went through the pile of dry cleaning. I unpacked a box (yes, we have lived here for four years and still have boxes that need to be unpacked) and found a home for the bag of lightbulbs that was just sitting around waiting to be put away. Laundry got finished. On the way to the gym we dropped off the drycleaning. Now, I remember why I used to drop it off an outfit at a time--OUCH!.

Workout was pretty good but I got on the elliptical and went too fast, too soon. But, I lasted 10 minutes, which is the most I have been able to do. I did two intervals of 30 seconds each in reverse mode so that is an improvement-though my sore knee doesn't really like it. It only ended up as a 30 minute workout but better than nothing. Besides now there are only 36 more visits between the two of us before the membership is paid for!!

We came home and puttered around the house and started some more laundry. It amazes me that 2 people can create so much laundry. I don't have the biggest machines out there but I do have a larger than typical capacity machine and I still can do 7 loads a week with laundry left in the hampers at the end. Anyways...

DH was hounding me to get ready to go out...not to eat mind you, but to go shopping. He has been jonesing for a new tv and let me tell viewing is an expensive habit these days. Especially if you want HD. So we took the plunge and spent more on a tv than we did on a stove and I have to say that we have a very nice stove! Now we have to find furniture to fit the new tv. It's okay...we had planned to get rid or move at least our too large for the room tv cabinets.

So I am off to go furniture shopping which I loathe but we are going to the Sauder store first to see if they have the pieces that we want. It is right in the major shopping corridor so if they don't have something than off to one of the million other retailers within the mile radius.

Have a happy sunday!


Anonymous said...

Ok tv shopping wasn't the most productive thing we could have done, however, you know we need a new one. Ours is about to die. I know it's something you want, even though you deny it.

Remember, I'm your dumb husband, I know these things.


Deb said...

DH does not stand for dumb husband unless the context calls for it. It could be dear, darling, dumb, or damn :)

Kristi said...


Hmm...I never really understood the versatility of DH before.... ;)

Ken has been bugging me for a new TV for some time now. I have yet to give in. We need to deal with the roof and furnace first.