Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stress Eating and other coping skills

Stress eating is a very destructive behavior. Not eating just because you are stressed is just as destructive in my opinion but you know the old adage...the grass is always greener---

I wish that I could go back in time and figure out where I started stress eating. I know that it started in childhood. I remember distinctively stealing quarters from the laundry money so that I could go and buy junk food. I also remember being alone-- a lot. Probably more than a child of 12 should be home alone but there wasn't anything to be done about it. I stayed at friend's houses when I could. I hung out as long as possible when it was light out but it always seemed ironic that I had a curfew that was before my mother would be home from work most days.

Lately I have been very stressed and worried about my husband's health. It seemed pretty obvious to us that his gallbladder is not working right but all of the tests have come back normal. Thursday he goes under sedation for a endoscopy. He has never been under sedation before and he takes medication on a regular basis that may impact his reaction to the sedatives. So, I have been freaking out. Add some home issues and some work craziness to make a recipe for diet disaster. Lately my binge food of choice has been chips and cheddar cheese dip or sweet items. Today I did a good thing...I sent the rest of the brownies I bought yesterday to work with my husband. But, I did not send the chips with him. Instead of coming home and making soup for lunch as planned--I dug out a hidden bag of chips and can of dip. Do I feel better for it? Nope, I feel worse. Now I have the extra calories and have gone off plan for the oooo 14th time this year alone :(

One of these years I will conquer the food monster that is in me...but when--only time will tell.

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Kristi said...

***hugs*** You two are in my prayers. I hope everything goes ok with his test....I'm sure it will!

Lots of prayers for you as you struggle with work and diet. :( If you ever want to talk/rant/cry etc. I'm just an IM or phone call away. :)