Monday, October 01, 2007

Happiness Challenge # 1

Whoops... I forgot to post about this earlier. Guess that is pretty indicative of how this challenge went. It was a bust. Mel at Stirrup Queens was hosting a Happiness Challenge for the month of September. The idea was to come up with a ritual that would make you happy and commit to doing it at least once a week if not more. My ritual was to have breakfast with my DH three times per week. While it was a great idea, in reality, my dh is not the best person to plan on spending the morning with apparently.

I kept a record for the first week and only had breakfast twice with DH. Both of those started off pretty rocky. Otherwise, we had breakfast together twice more the entire month. The first attempt out of the gate happened to be on a day that he was really cranky and he had a hissy fit just as we were sitting down to eat. This put a big damper on even trying again but I did. We had a pleasant breakfast a few days later while we were getting ready for work. Otherwise one breakfast attempt was out and it was ruined by both of our cranky moods for the day. I believe that we had another breakfast at home that was short but calm.

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