Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dunt, Dunt.. Dunnnn

Everything I have to say is pretty negative right now. My fave team, lack of medical results, strange occurances in our neighborhood that the police are keeping out of the news, Cycle day 30 and no AF and a negative test, work stupidity,--these are just a few of the reasons sooo...

I did finish Dying for Chocolate By Diane Mott Davidson and I was glad that I picked up the second in the series. It had some interesting recipes in it and was an interesting plot. In the end, I hadn't even thought about that story line as an option so I always enjoy a mystery that keeps me surprised. If you like easy reading mysteries... start with Catering for Nobody and then if you enjoy it, move on to this. Although... it would definately be readable without reading the first one, which is always nice too.

Ok, Blog silence for a bit... back when I have some news or something good to say.

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Kristi said...

Sorry your Cubbies lost. :( What's been going on in your neighborhood??

I should be on at some point today if you want to chat. :)