Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 16

Today I take my 16th BCP pill. I have gained a few pounds. I need to push more water over the next few days. I am cramping and I don't understand that... they aren't ovulation cramps either. The back pain that I talked to the dr about and that prompted the ultrasound is back too. Yay!

I think I am in a bit of a better place with taking the BCP pill than I was 16 days ago but it still isn't my preferred plan. But, well, I have a lot of work to do on myself so I need this time.

The whole idea of stringing 14 good days together has failed several weeks in a row so I think I am going to give up on that. I am working on developing a challenge to get through the holidays.

That's my update... for what it is worth.

1 comment:

calliope said...

BCP suck. It is amazing that you have gotten yourself to a goodish place while on them.
& as for the drinking of more water- I am so with you on that. We can be water buddies ;-)